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The Mind of a Web Developer: An Illustrated Diagram

Posted on 06/13/2007 in Random by Matt

The mind of a web developer is a vastly complex organ; it's riddled with anguish, elation, caffeine, and a gargantuan mound of crap to remember.  I figured this warranted a bit of creativity so I whipped up this diagram of a web developer's brain.

The Mind of a Web Developer


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  • dangurtner wrote on 07/17/2008
    that's awesome
  • Raven100 wrote on 07/20/2008
    lol..love it.. :)
  • billromance wrote on 07/26/2008
    Used to work in customer service and development for a website (gtrac.com) ..... In the words of Bill Clinton " I feel your pain"
  • irartguy wrote on 07/28/2008
    Hah, I'd say that's fairly accurate.
  • aibiloveu wrote on 08/09/2008
    web developer of mingle2.com also one of great brain ever had :) fast and friendly
  • bitbit261982 wrote on 08/31/2008
    I liked that never heard it before lol
  • JessiG wrote on 09/09/2008
    Thats freakin great!
  • DeniseC86 wrote on 10/12/2008
    so true so true...didn't think us web developers had a diagram lol
  • nucleus13 wrote on 11/30/2008
    this so cute and very true!
  • blvtenn wrote on 12/20/2008
    this is so true
  • bugboy wrote on 02/19/2009
    is this for sale? i would like to print this up and frame it. please let me know.
  • hyponiq wrote on 07/10/2009
    As a Web developer myself, I can definitely agree to the statement (however subtle) this image makes. Not-so-ironically, I agree whole-heartedly and laughed when I studied it. (Favorite part: "Deprecated Brainmeats")
  • sueped wrote on 07/24/2009
    funny ,,
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  • IndraMJha wrote on 03/05/2012
    The Mind of Web-developer in JS and CSS. :D http://blog.indramohan29.co.cc/2012/02/mind-of-web-developer.html