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According to John Gray, men believe that they could get a high score with women if they did something extravagant for them. However, this belief isn’t true. For females, no matter what a man does, big or small, they all have equal value. Many men don’t realize that. Therefore, men skip the little things to focus all their mental and physical energies on big and difficult things that require too much time and effort.

This article will help you know what are the easy ways to score points with your lady:

1. Be helpful


Helpful guy
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

What exactly is “be helpful”? Being helpful is assisting in small things. You can help her carry her bags, open the doors, or pull out her chair when you’re sitting down. These are helpful and chivalry gestures gentleman can do for their lady.

In addition, “helpful” is also related to helping other people such as the old, the poor, the young, etc.

Daniel Farrelly, a psychologist at the University of Worcester, carried out an experiment with 200 women. He gave some situations and solutions to an average looking but helpful guy and another to an attractive but not so helpful guy.

He found that the average looking but helpful guy scored higher points than the attractive one during the experiment.

Farrelly also recognized that women were not attracted to selfish and non-altruistic men.

So, you all know the first things to make a deep impression on your girl is to be helpful.  

2. Be a good listener

A good listener
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

It sounds so easy to be a good listener but in fact, it is not.

The writer John Gray stated that when a woman shared something to a man, the man believes that she is asking for advice. However, she just wanted to share her feelings because sharing is a sign of love and trust with a woman.

So, when your lady shares something with you, all you need to do is just listen to what she is saying, do not try to give her the solution unless she asks for it. Moreover, you are more appreciated if you nod your head, look at her attentively when she talks, and asking her some open-ended questions.

In the topic “What Qualities Do Women Appreciate in Men?” on Quora, Greed Groom wrote that women wanted the man that they love to be able to understand her and listen to what she said.  

So, be a good listener, guys.

3. Give her quality attention

Give your girl a quality attention
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

If you are a good listener,  it is time to prove that you are not just hearing the words being said, but also really absorbing them to the point that you can recall them later on.

Women pay more attention to details than men.

Giving her quality attention is an effective way for guys to score points with the women.

It is very simple if you are really interested in her, you will keep what she said in your mind.

For example, when you ask her out, she orders a coffee with some sugar. Next time, if you want to get her attention, buy the drink exactly how she ordered it before. In another situation, pay attention to her appearance and make sure you know when she is wearing a new dress or changes her hairstyle. Of course, don’t forget to give her a compliment. I am definitely sure that she will give you big points for these small things.

4. Know how to cook

Man knows how to cook can score points with women
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

Most of the comments on Quora agreed that men who can cook were super sexy. Rahul – a user of Quora asked some of his female friends and concluded that they felt happy and excited when their partner cooked for them or with them.

Another user, Abhilasha, shared that she felt so romantic and lovable if her man surprised her with a meal cooked by him.

If you are still doubting about its effect, try to remember how did your mom felt when your dad cooked for her. Especially, cooking for your mom or your sister, then you will see their reaction.

So, men, what are you waiting for? Cook for her or cook with her if you can. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook because your lady is always willing to guide you.

5. Be neat and tidy

How to be neat and tidy
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

This point is obviously in your hands. All you need to do is just take care of yourself a bit more.

According to a study of Pavol Prokop, a professor of biology at Trnava University in Slovakia, women go for men with less body hair. Michael Praetorius, a Reddit user, mentioned that one of the sexy things men do is roll up their button-up sleeves to their elbow. As for user Lion_on_ the_floor, men should keep their nails short

As a woman, I surely choose a neat and tidy guy instead of a handsome but clumsy one.

I believe that you know a lot of other things you can do to make you neat and tidy. What can you do to make yourself neat and tidy? Drop a comment to share with us.

6. Be supportive

Supportive guys can score high with women
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

Regardless of whether she wants to get a Master’s Degree or give up on her current job, you should support her. Women assume that a good man will never discourage them or make them feel as though they can’t do what they set out to do (James Michael Sama, 2015)

You should be beside her every step of the way, cheering on her victories, and comforting her during her defeats.

“The best possible thing you can get out of a relationship is that you are with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself every day” – Nishan Panwar.

7. Make her feel she is special to you

Make her feel she is special
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

To make a girl know you have a crush on her, you can do something to let her feel she is so special to you. There are many ways to make her feel special. According to Becky Lee – a user of Quora, she would feel special if that man claimed her, show her off enthusiastically, compliments her frequently.

He puts her above all other women as if there was no comparison in the world.

On Reddit, there was an incredible tip from rockies2626 which suggested that you should give eye contact when you talk to your lady. Especially, when there was a bunch of pretty girls around.

Sounds easy enough right?

8. Make her laugh

Make her laugh and you can score high with her
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

An American university claimed that humor is a key factor in human “sexual selection”, with women appearing to be more attracted to men who make them laugh.

One of the most beautiful women of the world Marilyn Monroe said: If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything”.

So, make her laugh is an essential factor to make her fall for you.

9. Give her compliments

Give her compliments
How to score points with women on Mingle2 Dating app

Everyone is aware of the fact that women love compliments.

Some men found it difficult to give her a compliment so they miss the point from their girls. Claire J. Vannette announces on Quora thought that an easy but a great way to give her a compliment was to tell her what do you like about her. Being specific is better than being general. “I love the pink stripe in your hair” may be better than “You’re pretty.” Specificity shows you’re paying attention.

Saifur Rahman shared that although he was married for ten years, his wife was sometimes mad at him because he didn’t give her enough compliments.

So, the last point you need to remember is to pay compliments to her.


Hopes these tips help. Thank you for reading. What else can you do to score big points with her? Share with us!


  • Giving specific and enthusiastic compliments is very important to me. It’s easy for me to give others compliments, and I need them from others, too.

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