Let’s discover a story of how opposites attract. The universe always wondered how people so different ever become life partners. This question went on and on until this day. The story would never be forgotten throughout history.



 The answer to the universal question started not so long ago when Derick started to work at the Unistack Foundation. It was an Insurance company known by every American for its outstanding cooperation with the government in making America a better place. Derick was just employed in the company and everyone could see his hands everywhere. He worked late hours and even preferred his office to his home. Derick worked relentlessly with the hope that when they see his efforts, he would be recognized for a reputable position. Every qualified person applied when vacancies were finally available. The Position for the Financial Director of such a company was not a small one. It was obvious that he was getting this promotion, as every worker already congratulated him before his interview.

“I presume you are Mr. Derick Winfrey,” said Mrs. Daniel, the manager of Human Resources.

“Yes ma’am,” Derick answered in nervousness. All his life’s plan led up to this moment and he didn’t want to miss such an opportunity. Derick was a really focused man and he achieves whatever he plans without going otherwise. He was very organized – he writes down all his goals for the day and achieves them accordingly. “An unplanned life is as good as dead.” – This is one of his sayings.


“We’re alike,” Mrs. Daniel said. “ We work to get what we want because sitting there doesn’t seem to bring it home,” she continued.

“ I cannot agree with you less,” Derick expressed after thinking about all he had heard about her journey to her current position in the company. It wasn’t an easy path for her. She started from being just a messenger and she had worked her way up the ladder to the position of a Manager of the Human Resource Department. She was one of the few people that gave Derick hope.

They both talked about the kind of person that the company would be needed as its Financial Director. He fit into every character she mentioned – hard-working, relentless, effective, a great planner, and a vision holder. Derick smiled in victory.

Derick loved to be alone, but he was always happy. He believed that people brought along distraction with them and accommodating them is allowing distractions. This made him to run from many relationships at work. Derick was of age for marriage, yet he was too afraid to find a partner. He didn’t want distractions that will affect him for a lifetime.


It was a Monday morning and everyone gathered in the conference room. The day was a special one, at least for just one person. Promotions this unique only happens once in a lifetime, and anyone who misses this chance might not get it again forever. This was Derick’s only chance to become who he is, and if this doesn’t work out, I am afraid he might attempt suicide.

“…and the position of the Financial Director goes to …” Mr. Billy said, as he reached out to a blue envelope that he brought along with him. He was the Head of all managers in every department and he was known for his enormous belly. Mr. Billy slowly opened the envelopes and brought out a little piece of paper that had the name of the winner. Derick in all his confidence paused and thought “ … what if it wasn’t me…” Mr. Billy called out the name immediately after his thought and it read “… Karen Rollans.”

Derick couldn’t believe it. Derick confronted the board but was fired after that. He became miserable and was filled with bitterness.


Three days later, Derick was home staring at the written goals he had hung on the wall, and as he was about to tear it up, the phone rang and he was told that his father was dead.

He hurried down to the countryside of Chicago and mourned his father along with some of his friends who they grew up together in the surrounding.

Derick decided to move on after the burial. It was difficult but he did anyway. He made another plan before he left and decided to stick to it. He decided to pay a visit to the neighborhood folks before leaving. Derick finally went up to say hello to his father’s best friend, who he had never met before. He knocked on the door and almost immediately, a lady opened the door.

“Dad there is a man here to see you,” the lady exclaimed, left the door, and ran up the stairs. She left Derick outside without even asking him to come in. Derick immediately concluded that she had bad manners, but he was stunned by her beauty. She caught every of his attention and Derick was distracted for the first time in his life. Derick wasn’t sure to come in but he came in anyway.


“Oh Derick my dear, you are really a chip of the old block,” Dalton said as he held both shoulders of Derick with his two hands.

“Want a pie darling?” Mrs. Dalton moved out of the kitchen with a tray of pies in her hand. She opened her mouth in surprise on sighting Derick. “You both look alike,” she said, as she came closer and kissed him on his right cheek. “Betty!…come say hello to Derick.”

“I did already mom,” Betty said from her room upstairs with laziness in her voice.

“I want you down here right now,” Mrs. Dalton responded. She finally came down after all the struggles and Derick was allowed to take a closer look. She represented everything he stood against in actual fact. It was like when he takes the first look, he saw beauty and when he takes the second look, he saw disgust. He saw something special in her anyway.


It was a bright summer Thursday and Derick decided to go to the park to spend the afternoon. He sat on a bench and there she was, Betty. He watched her as she shuffled along the park, and she looked upwardly at her surroundings. She had on her a grey slacked top that seemed to have been faded to the color white. She had a poor sense of fashion, unlike Derick who always gave it his best.

He preferred watching her from afar, as he didn’t want to get involved with her. She was a good volleyball player, as she played with strength and energy but it seemed like that was the only thing that she was good at. He laid on the ground thinking of his previous lost opportunity. “Didn’t I deserve it?… It was clearly a dirty game…I should have…” Derick paused, as he saw a volleyball on a flight towards his direction. He just stared at it blankly and then it hit his face really hard.

“ My bad, I hope you don’t think I suck at this game,” Betty said with remorse.

Derick looks closely and was certain that she didn’t look bad after all.

“You play pretty well,” he responded.

He fell for her right away. There was just some perfection to her imperfection. They had just enough differences to make them similar and like-minded. He realized she was all he ever wanted.

She felt the same at that point. It’s amazing how opposites attract.

Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to rule people out. You just might be surprised how well you get along.

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