How to start a conversation on a dating app?

By L.a.

It’s amazing to know that there are about 116,000,000 results (0.68 seconds) when I searched the question “how to start a conversation on a dating app” on Google. These results indicate that there are a lot of people confused about how to message on dating sites. 

In this entry, let me help you figure out the solution for this matter. 

I myself think that one of the benefits of dating online is that you can talk, and chat with someone you have a crush on without caring that he or she will know you are nervous. 

However, texting on a dating app is similar to talking face to face in real life because you should use language and expression wisely and smartly to get your partner’s attention and draw them into the conversation. 

Before making the first-impression-message, invest your time into reading the person’s profile. 

How to start a chat on a dating app
Invest time to reading the person’s profile to start a conversation on a dating app

You know love takes time, so it’s no-nonsense to spend some minutes to get to know more about someone. 

For instance, on Mingle2, don’t just text them soon after you find their photos beautiful and attractive. If you do that, I’m not sure if how long will your conversation last while you don’t have any clues about the one you will talk to. 

Furthermore, people tend to highly appreciate someone taking the time to get to know more about them. It’s because in a relationship when someone devotes time to you, you are important to them. 

Thus, what you can do right after seeing someone you are fond of on a dating app is to tap on their profile to see their full profile and read the information about their short description (about me), their interests and so on. This very first step is definitely a huge help for you. It’s not only a great opportunity for you to realize if she or he is suitable for you or not, but also provide a lot of useful information for the next steps. About how useful they are to the next tips, just continue reading this entry. 

After having a general view about the profile, now it’s time to prove that your message is not a template, it was personally made for him or her, not anyone else.

So, how to prove it? 

Don’t just use  “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hello”. Instead, add their name after.

How to start a conversation on a dating app
Calling someone’s name will make them like you more to start a conversation

To give an example, her name is Julia, then text ‘Hey Julia! How is your day?”. 

According to a study on Brain Research magazine, certain parts of our brain light up when we hear our own name. The study also showed that calling someone’s name will make them like you more. 

On the other hand, asking yourself if you want someone to call your name or just a general pronoun when they talk to you? I’m sure that most of the answers are using the name. 

If you follow what I suggested above, you already read their profile, so now, you can use their name to impress them. 

Additionally, give your match the specific compliments to score high points. 

How to start a chat on a dating app
Give compliments to start a chat on a dating app

Clearly, everyone loves to hear the compliments, even though they are your friends, your relatives or just a stranger. Previously, I rarely made compliments to everyone. I just gave them a compliment when they did something great such as my friend win the first prize in a competition. However, one day, I saw my neighbor with the new hair cut. I found it completely suited her. I told her that she looked so pretty with that hairstyle. At the end of that day, she knocked at my door and said:

“You know what happened today? I had a job interview. And it was perfect. You know why? I think that I should be thankful for your compliment. It makes my day and boosts my confidence a lot” 

You see, you don’t need to make exaggerated compliments. Just say the real things. For example, if you find her smile is so beautiful, say it. If he looks smart with the glasses, let him know. 

I am sure that you can get big scores for the little things. Try it to see what happens. 

The third thing you can do to start a conversation is using what you have in the first tip. I mean connect their information and interests with yours.

How to start a conversation on a dating app
How to start a conversation on a dating app

This is the most useful way based on my experience. 

When we were in the relationship, my man shared that he used this way to start a conversation on Mingle2 dating app with me. I remembered that in the profile I mentioned that I was crazy about dogs. Luckily, he also has a dog.

After sending a “hi”, he asked me if I wanted to share my puppy’s photo. Of course, I didn’t have any reason to say no. 

Our conversation started with dog’s photos. Then, it continued with a lot of topics. We both felt very harmonious. What will come will come and we eventually fell in love with each other. Then, we met in real life and we are still happy now. 

Love starts with attraction but builds with shared values. Obviously, you find them attractive, then you want to know more about them. And to know more about them, there is no other better way than shared values. So, what I want you to recognize is that you should focus on the connection, the value between both of you and let it guide your love. 

Last but not least, humor is a plus for starting a conversation in a dating app 

These openers are random and silly and let the person know you’re up for good times. 

You don’t need to be cheesy or creepy. Just be yourself and use the type of humor that you would in real life. 

You can send him or her something funny such as a humorous short story, a funny photo, gif, meme or a joke. 

This is a sure-fire way to stoke the embers of a conversation into a roaring fire.

Look at some below for the illustration. 

Humor is a plus for starting a conversation in a dating app 
How to say “hello” on a dating app
Humor is a plus for starting a conversation in a dating app
How to say “hello” on a dating app

Start off funny and see your inbox blood with the responses. 

Of course, there are tons of ways to start a conversation on a dating app. However, what I mentioned are the basic ones. Hopefully, they will work well on you – our Mingle2 users. Drop a comment if you have other ways wanting to share with us. Moreover, knowledge is just something cliché if you just read without practicing. Do them right now. I am looking forward to hearing good news from you very soon. 

Thanks for joining me in this entry. See you next time!

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