Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned After Using Dating Apps

More than 39 percent of heterosexual couples in the world is known through dating apps. This is the striking conclusion reached by a recent study by sociologists.

And the percentage continues to increase. Undoubtedly, the big culprits of the rise of this paradigm shift are the best dating apps and the specialized web pages. This also adds more and more followers among their ranks.

In the case of gay couples, says the investigation, the figure rises to 60 percent with the help of these free dating apps.

The success of these platforms is undeniable. Mingle2, the one with the greatest market penetration, already has up to millions of downloads worldwide.

This online dating site is the best option for you to find an honest and beautiful partner for this Christmas.

But, choose the best free dating apps, you choose to find that person with whom to share a meeting, a chat or a stable relationship, there is something that characterizes them all.

Flirting through the dating sites on the mobile screen is not the same as doing it face to face, experts say.

Fabio Fusaro, author of the books ‘My girlfriend: Instruction manual’, ‘The Woman of your Dreams’ and ‘My ex-girlfriend’, recommends being careful when using these dating apps:

“Many users fall in love with the photo they see in the application and, if there is ‘match’, they continue the relationship, and until one of the two realizes that the couple does not work it can take many months.

This happens because, in general, the hitch relies heavily on the physical. This did not happen before the existence of these free dating apps, because at that time the infatuation happened not only by the photo but also by empathy, the way of being and the sharing of tastes”.

Fabio recommends starting a conversation with all the women they like within the best dating apps:

“If you start a conversation with 500 women, maybe 20 return the message, and from there one can choose, because if a man becomes demanding, he may not find anyone to conquer”

Mingle2 - One of the best dating apps for Christmas

Basic tips for linking in dating apps:

All the basic tips for dating apps are given below.

  • Consistent profile
  • Offers specific details
  • Write well
  • Do not go with your first date
  • Give yourself the opportunity
  • Excessive insistence
  • Be clear

Consistent profile:

When choosing the photos to be displayed or the information to be shared on the dating apps, the main recommendation is to be consistent with what is in ‘real’ life and what is sought in the other person.

If it is a priority to share affinities, in dating sites the logical thing is to publish photographs in which we are seen developing those ‘hobbies’ or tastes. If, instead, a sporadic relationship is sought, record it in the conversations.

In online dating sites, you have to avoid trying to look like what you are not.

Offers specific details:

In dating apps, you have to say openly what kind of relationship you want to find. Are you only looking for sex? Do you want to find a serious relationship? Say it. Also, be honest in all your posts.

Remember that the idea is to find a possible partner and, in that sense, late that person will soon discover everything that you have exaggerated or improved to look better.

In dating sites, first step in finding an authentic person is being you. Now, avoid unnecessary assumptions, because they can pose a risk.

If you have a sports car and a yacht, for safety, do not show them in your photos. Remember that it is about establishing relationships between people, not making an announcement of your assets in online dating sites.

Write well:

Remember that in dating apps your profile picture is your shop window. What you write on your profile or your chats says a lot about you.

If you only make publications with high-sounding words, you abbreviate everything, you write everything with the “k” or you miss-spelling.

In dating sites, you will always show yourself as someone uncultured, careless and whose vocabulary in relationships could be as rude as in what you show in these first impressions.

Mingle2 - One of the best dating apps for Christmas

Do not go with your first date:

It is true that meeting a stranger for the first time can be intimidating. But don’t put your appointment in an awkward situation where you feel analyzed by two people. Remember that he/she will also be nervous.

If you were going to do it for security reasons, just partner with a friend whom you can tell exactly where you are going, at what time and with whom. 

In the same way, choose a safe place (public and busy) for the first date. A cafe in a shopping center is a good idea. But, again, do not take a companion.

Give yourself the opportunity:

Yes, dating apps may seem like a catalog of men and women. And the first reason you will choose to like a possible match is because of their physique.

However, remember to analyze the rest of your profile and consider choosing people who look real in online dating sites. If you found someone who looks like a model it may not be a real profile, so doubt its authenticity.

On the other hand, if the dating apps show you a match, dare to give yourself the opportunity to get to know that person more, chat and maybe plan an appointment. Don’t you use dating apps for that?

Excessive insistence:

In online dating sites, one thing is to be aware when answering conversations that arise and another thing is to look like a stalker. We must respect the times of the other person. If you do not answer the minute, do not insist.

Each person has their times and you have to respect the spaces. In case there is no answer, it may be appropriate to leave things as they are.

Be clear:

In cyberspace, body communication, so necessary, shines by its absence logically. So it is important to compensate it with other tools, such as emoticons or on the clarity of words.

Playing with the double meaning of words, especially when you don’t know the other person too much, is counterproductive and can cause rejection.


I hope you’ll like all these tips and follow them all to find the best partner for this Christmas. In my opinion, Mingle2 is the best dating app for you, so download Mingle2 and find your love.

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