Is Philadelphia A Good City For Singles?

Are you curious about Philadelphia being a good place for singles? Rest assured that you are in a fantastic location to meet other single individuals!

Philly consistently ranks as one of the top cities for dating in the country, and for good reason! A recent study found that Philadelphia ranks 12th among the 40 top U.S. cities, for dating scene satisfaction. With 54.7% of its residents being fellow singles.

bronze statue in top of a building in Philadelphia city,
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Let’s explore why it’s great to be a single in Philadelphia. 

Sheer Quantity 

The numbers from the shared study speak for themselves.

Do you want to be in a city where you are surrounded by fellow singles? Philadelphia is one of the top cities you can be in the U.S. It has over 54% of Philly residents classifying themselves as single. That means fewer chances the person you’re checking out at the bar has a ring on their finger.

Additionally, the gender split in Philadelphia is relatively close: 1,074 single ladies for every 1,000 single men. It gives you great odds of finding a partner wherever your preferences fall.

Beyond the number of singles living in Philly, meeting another single in the city comes with a high likelihood – that the two of you have shared interests and goals!

The city is diverse while having qualities that bring many people together – amazing sports fanfare, fantastic food, great entertainment, and motivated professionals.  You are bound to go on a date with someone you hit it off within Philly! 

Philly Date Ideas

Now that you know Philadelphia is a great place to meet singles! Let’s dive into date ideas or activities once the two of you hit it off! Thanks to Philly being such a great hub for singles, supply and demand create a city filled with fantastic restaurants, bars, and entertainment for a thriving dating scene.

  • For the history enthusiasts, a date at The Barnes or The Constitution Center both has fine arts and exhibits you can admire.
  • Rittenhouse Square is rich with trendy shops and restaurants for the perfect day or evening date, but it is also a prime location to meet fellow singles!
  • And of course, no date idealist would be complete without a luxurious restaurant. Treat you and your date to an extravagant dinner at the amazing Lacroix, a restaurant in the elegant Rittenhouse hotel, right on Rittenhouse Square.

Philly being a city centered around amazing entertainment and nightlife. The date potentials are truly endless – yet another reason Philadelphia is a great place for singles. With over 54% of Philadelphia residents being singles in the dating scene, as well as an abundance of activities to enjoy on a date or to find a potential match, Philadelphia has proven, yet again, that it is a fantastic place to be for singles.

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