Never Too Old to Get Back On the Horse: The Top Tips for Dating in Your 70s

Senior dating tips

Are you getting older and hoping to find love?

Well, we have some good news — you’re not the only one. According to a census report, there are over 19.5 million singles over the age of 65.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you deserve to find someone who makes you happy.

And we aim to help you find exactly that. Keep reading for some helpful advice on dating in your 70s.

Age is Just a Number

First and foremost, you should know that your age doesn’t determine your ability to find a partner.

You may feel tempted to fib when putting your age on a dating site, but adding your age can actually help you find that special someone.

Consider how dating sites work: Most sites will ask for an age preference.

That isn’t to cut you off from potential suitors, but instead to help you find those closer to your age preference, and vice versa.

So as tempting as it may be to shave a few years off of your actual age, go ahead and be honest. There’s no harm in telling your true age.

Own you are. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities.

Think About What You Want in a Partner

Not only should you not hide your age, but you should also relish in it. Growing older and wiser has its own unique advantages.

For instance, you’re more likely to know what you do and don’t want in a partner.

Younger people have a tougher time dating because they’re still trying to figure out who they are and what they want out of a partner.

But you can cut to the chase.

Your life experience is a gift. Use it to enhance your senior dating experience and find someone who you truly click with, there’s no need to waste time.

The Internet Changed The Dating Game…

If you’re looking to get back into the dating scene after an absence, you’ll likely find that quite a few things have changed.

Namely, many people use online dating sites to find love. As of a few years ago, online dating is now the most popular way to find a long term partner, with 19% of brides finding their spouse through an online dating site.

So what will you need to know about online dating?

First, it’s okay if you’re overwhelmed by the process. Dating over 70 can be hard enough as it is. If you’re not great with technology, the process can be even trickier.

Take a deep breath, you’ve got this. If you need help, it’s okay to ask for it.

Whether you fill out your profile by yourself or with some assistance, you’ll want to make it unique.

Include fun and flattering photos of yourself. But don’t forget to show off your personality, too.

Mention the things that make you fun and unique, like your hobbies and interests. Like age, dating sites often use shared interests as a way of matching partners.

…As Did Apps

Think online dating was as high-tech as it gets? Think again! Dating as a senior is now more convenient thanks to apps.

For the most part, senior dating apps are a lot like dating sites. You’ll fill out a basic profile, add a few photos, and click and flirt your way through some matches.

But the extra level of convenience gives you more control over your senior dating experience.

Want to find someone to grab dinner and drinks with? Check out the app.

Looking for something more long term? There are plenty of dating apps tailor-made for seniors just like you who want to find someone to spend the rest of their life with.

Once again, if you have trouble setting up an app, ask for help. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Feel Free to Mingle

Not only did online dating sites and dating apps change how we browse potential partners, but they’ve changed how we date them, too.

Don’t feel like you need to date one person at a time.

Feel free to go on as many dates as you’d like, with however many people you’d like.

In fact, the more the merrier. Getting to know new people can help broaden your horizons.

Be Careful Giving Out Information

Unfortunately, just because you’re honest on your dating profile doesn’t mean everyone else will be.

Each year, seniors lose billions due to financial abuse such as fraud.

So how can you spot a fraud? It can be tricky, but here are a few tips to help you out:

They Ask For Money

Most scammers will come up with a sob story about how broke they are. Saying that they can’t afford rent or food is common.

Once they gain your trust, they’ll ask for money. Most of the time through a wire transfer.

Never under any circumstance should you give a stranger over the Internet money. Instead, report them to the FBI and file a claim online.

They Seem Younger Than Other Matches

Everyone wants to feel attractive and desired. Unfortunately, scammers know that it’s a cheap way to rip people off.

If you match with someone dramatically younger than yourself, be cautious in your communications.

Don’t provide any personal details, and ask questions that have specific answers.

They Send Random Links

If your first message with a match includes a link, don’t click on it. Chances are the link contains malware, a harmful piece of software that can damage your computer or steal your information.

Should you receive a match like this, go ahead and report the profile.

You Can Still Have a Great Sex Life

Hey, why let the younger generation have all the fun?

Sex among seniors is becoming increasingly popular, with 25% of seniors reporting that they’re having sex at least once per week.

As long as your physician gives you the go-ahead, there’s no harm in getting a little fun and flirty.

So go on and have fun. Dating over 70 doesn’t have to be boring!

Have Fun And Stay Safe Dating in Your 70s

There’s no reason why your twilight years can’t be filled with love, laughter, and lust.

If you’re considering dating in your 70s, go for it! You deserve to be happy, and thanks to the Internet, finding that love is easier than ever.

Ready to find love? Sign up for a free account today and meet your match.

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