Online dating – An Opportunity for Mormons Looking for Long-Term Relationships

For over 20 years now, LDS singles have been using online dating platforms for finding their life partners. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has recorded success couples since the inception of the online dating platforms. Thus, Mormon dating online is more and more becoming the best way to meet potential life partners outside your community. 

Online dating – An Opportunity for Mormons Looking for Long-Term Relationships

LDS Singles Dating with Mingle2

Mingle2 is an LDS dating app and website which gives LDS singles the chance to meet great people online. Our dating platform offers you adequate support needed throughout your dating experience. The registration process is completely easy, straightforward, and user-friendly. The methods of sign up and profile creation are incredibly comprehensive, detailed, and easy to go about. 

Mingle2’s website and application are sleek, user-friendly, and easy to navigate if you are a new user. The website’s layout does look very simple, and its overall design is high-quality and top-notch. Our online dating platform helps to connect to a wide-range of LDS singles who are looking for a serious long-term relationship. The website also boasts of quality communication features to suit your style, taste, and even exceed your expectations.


Tips for Effective LDS Online Dating

Are you an LDS single looking for a serious and long-term relationship online? Don’t worry, Mingle2 got you covered. However, there are some essential things you need to know and practice to get that perfect match you desire. As a proud LDS youth, you are aware that your dating approach is different from those who don’t share your faith. Your reason for dating is not just getting married; it also includes strengthening your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Therefore, to ensure a fruitful experience during your time dating online, here are the crucial tips to follow:

Proper Profile Setup

First of all, you need to set up your profile to gain attraction; either you are male or female. You need to write a catchy description of yourself and make sure everything you write about yourself is true. This will help to gain more attraction among many LDS singles on the online dating platform. In your description, you must show to other LDS singles in the platform that you are also an LDS single. Try to be creative in writing the information about yourself. 

Writing things like your likes, dislikes, education, work, hobbies, and other activities you are involved in will create a sense of trust in people viewing your profile. However, you need to be positive when you are writing your things about yourself. Never start up your introduction with the things you dislike, it gives your viewers and prospective partners’ bad impression about you. It will be a bad vibe passing on bitterness in your initial introduction.  Trust me, ‘the first impression lasts longer’. The opinion viewers have about you will tell what kind of person you are and if you will be a perfect match for them.

For instance, when posting your profile pictures, make sure to post clear and high-quality pictures. Don’t post group pictures or pictures of you in sunshade or anything that covers your face. If you are a man, make sure your shirts are in any picture you will post. It will look irresponsible and immoral if you post a picture with your shirt off, especially when you are looking for a serious relationship. If you are a woman, you must look as modest as possible. However, this is not an opportunity of showing off your dresses, you should dress simple and make sure you look charming and attractive. When you are posting pictures, be careful of posting pictures that have the opposite sex in it. It is simply saying you are just flirting and that you are not in for a serious relationship.

Quality Communication

One of the catalysts of building a long-term relationship is having effective and quality communication. Without quality communication, a relationship suffers and eventually goes nowhere. If you are looking for a long-lasting relationship, then you have to have constant quality conversations with your prospective partner. As a guy, you are expected to start a conversation with a lady. From the perspective of ladies, it seems like a dishonor if they start a conversation with guys. Hence, guys are the conversation starters.

Guys need to engage their female LDS singles with lively conversations. Don’t start your conversation with words like, “Hey”, “What’s up?” instead, start with questions and interesting topics. For instance, you ask her to tell you more about herself, more than she wrote in her profile.

Maintain your conversation by asking questions in return. When a lady asks you a question, and you reply, don’t fail to ask a question in return. This action will keep the conversation going and make it livelier and less individualistic. Ensure to be kind and show a sense of respect for each other. Be warned to avoid using shortened words or abbreviated words for communicating. Typing real words will make the conversation more serious. 

Meeting upon the First date

After a series of conversations online, if you are convinced about a lady, and you feel like knowing more about her, ask her out.

To ask her out, you need to get her number and call her to set up a date. Calling her is much better than texting because ladies appreciate calls more than texts. Ensure the date is fixed at somewhere public and it’s as short as possible. Plan something interesting which can engage both of you in an interesting conversation. It is essential that you pay all the bills because it creates a first-time sense of responsibility in the mind of the lady. Lastly, ensure to be early to date. It will be a great disappointment if you show up late for the first time. 

If you are both positive about your relationship, it will extend to a long-term one and can eventually lead to marriage.


Are you an LDS single, and you are looking for a long-term relationship? The few tips discussed above will help you through a successful adventure on Mormon dating. 

In conclusion, Mingle2 is a highly recommended option when it comes to Mormon dating. Visit our website or download our app on the Google Play Store now and get the best online dating experience.

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