How do you tell someone the reasons why I love you

Reasons why i love you?” As far as I know, to love someone we need certain reasons. Some of the salient reasons that most of us are concerned about our personality, appearance, personal income, and a number of other factors. In particular, the first impression on a person must be good and the feeling when you see a person is to love and be loved.

reasons why i love you
You make me have special feelings that other people can’t do.

The reasons to love a person – some things are necessary.

Nowadays, growing technology and online dating are popular with everyone. Getting to know someone is no longer a difficult thing. We can meet directly with each other or communicate via the application. We can text each other every day, this way is extremely convenient. Therefore, we have more time to get to know each other, if we both find each other appropriate, we will turn to love. On the contrary, we will make friends or end the relationship. Both of us need to have some things in common such as hobbies, personalities, etc, these things are necessary for a relationship. 

Two things attached to people 

The two main elements of a person are appearance and personality. if you’re good in both appearance and personality, you’re more likely to attract people.

Personality is an indispensable thing 

People have many personalities like being open-minded, amorous, patient, sociable, calm, selfish and so on. In general, every personality has its good and bad sides. 

I will give some examples to prove: 

A selfish person will be selfish about everything, especially in love. It is not necessarily a bad thing, they want to protect the love and the person they love.

An amorous person is less loyal but they bring a lot of emotions to the other person.

reasons why i love you pic 2
Each person has a unique personality. So to start the relationship, you need to find out it.

Appearance is an extremely important thing

If you are a good looking person, this is an advantage. You are lucky enough to have a good-looking appearance, this is a wonderful thing that God gives you. However, if you are not given by God, that is okay. Take time to take good care of yourself and try to beautify yourself every day. I’m sure you look much better. 

reasons why i love you pic 3
Appearance is one of the important things. Try to take care of it.

The feeling when face-to-face for someone 

Emotions are also one of the factors that make me love someone. When I meet you, I want to talk, care and want to be with you for as long as possible. This proves I fell in love with someone. 

Other factors

Besides those factors, there are several other reasons. 

First of all, People love someone who has a job and a stable salary, based on your own effort, not on anyone. 

Secondly, People also hope that they have the same hobby, which will make life more interesting when two of them are passionate about something.

But I can’t explain why I love you

In fact, I’m not a perfect person, so I don’t ask too much for a lover. I just know you give me a special feeling more than all the others. You make me ignore some of the reasons that people ask of their lovers. I don’t care what kind of person you are with other people. I just know that we are happy in our love. You are fantastic in my mind.

reasons why i love you pic 4
There is no reason to love someone, so I love you without any intentions and reasons.

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