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Dear valued users,

It’s so thankful to have you as precious users of our Mingle2 Dating Service. We are always making the best effort to bring you qualified experience to find a soulmate or a friend.

We would like to announce the recent major product changes that may have caught some of your surprise including Coin-related features.

If you have been a Mingle2 user for a long time, you could know that Mingle2 had been completely free. There were free and unlimited direct chats, hence making the match-making unnecessary, but we still did it that way to maximize your benefits in communicating with other users. Mingle2 had been a very rare dating product that is free to that extent, and unfortunately, all of these unlimited and free features had severe backfires on both Mingle2 as a product and its users.

Mingle2 was the best place for bad users to exploit the free features to massively target other good users; the bad activities included but were not limited to scamming, sexual harassment, even violence, and other types of crimes. Therefore, that actually cast our good users away, and involuntarily supported bad users. On the other hand, the limited profit coming from advertising alone was just enough for us to maintain the massive amount of traffic and activities and was not enough to support us to solve the problems of our users and innovate the Mingle2 product further. In the end, it had been a Lose-Lose situation for both us and our good users, and the situation only benefited bad users like scammers. More sharing about scammers, bad activities, and how we address them will come in the future as we realized we need better communication with our users.

In the last 2 years, we made our “completely-free” features more daily-based limited and we did our best to implement new features behind the scene to fight against scammers (we fight against millions of unique IPs spamming; review and ban more than 15 thousand of scammers daily), but that could not solve the problem as much as we expected. Hence, we need to take a step further by changing our product such as implementing the Coin system, in which you can spend coins to take advantage of our advanced features such as Direct Chat, Nudge, Unlock Fan, and Rewind. We intend to keep the product free and available to non-paying users by giving free coins daily, and we are implementing new features that give out free coins in the next few months to continue supporting non-paying users while not letting bad users exploit the system to cause harm. Also, with a little effort in monetization, we hope to have more resources to invest stronger into our product, by implementing new features for communication (chat rooms, video calls, etc), for matching and finding friends/matches (match based on questionnaire or interests, etc), for fighting against bad users and protect our good users.

Although the sharing above is true and honest, it should not be taken negatively, as we see many promising things in our future along with many many good users who are staying with us and supporting us silently. We are blessed to know how many couples we helped matched and married, we are grateful for every single support, feedback, and fund that each of our users brings to us. We hope to have your kindly understanding. Thank you for being one of our great Mingle2 users. We will always do our best to improve our product and service, and we will always prioritize the benefits of our users in long run.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Support at


Mingle2 Team

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