The Challenges of Interracial Same Sex Online Dating in Time Considering the Racism Issue

Interracial same sex online dating is not only common but also socially accepted in the US. But let’s be honest. Racism is still prevalent in America and even in other parts of the world.

Despite the strictest ordinance or laws of the US government and other countries, racism in interracial same sex online dating and other forms has been rampant throughout the years.

A couple faces The Challenges of Interracial Same Sex Online Dating in Time Considering the Racism Issue

Common Challenges of Interracial Same Sex Online Dating


Online dating has significantly boomed since the Covid-19 pandemic. The membership or subscription in sites for single men and women have increased. Dating platforms for interracial same sex is no exception. While the sudden growth could be positive, discrimination has doubled in the past months. Despite the movements of the LGBT community and new regulations in the US, the stigma for interracial dating of the same sex is complicated to alleviate and avoid.


Men, women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people have the right to equality. From employment, public education, housing, employment to the relationship, everyone is equal. Whatever the race, gender, and culture, we have the right to be happy.

But it is easier said than done—even people looking for an interracial same sex partner experience a greater level of racism and stereotyping. You may ask why it is hard for others to accept the LGBT community. We hope the stigma will change thru time. We believe that good morals and right conduct really start at home.

Negative Comments Online

We remain anonymous online, which can be an advantage. This boosts security and confidentiality. However, some abuse this anonymity to insult, intimate, and discriminate others. Interracial same sex online dating has been subject to these never-ending problems. The LGBT community, for example, usually receive negative comments over the internet. This can be depressing and painful for teens and even adults. What we should do is to be sensitive in every comment we post online. Can it hurt somebody or affect a person’s self-esteem? Then, it’s better to stay silent.

Rejection From Family

Here’s the most painful challenge that the LGBT community experience. Many of us would think that family is the first person who will accept our gender orientation/identity. But it’s not as easy as you imagine.

Insults, intimidation, discrimination, and negative stereotyping exist within the family. You would consider yourself lucky when your parents accept you for who you are.

A Sense of Isolation

It’s human nature for us to isolate ourselves when discriminated against or insulted. Then, we begin to feel lonely. Social anxiety or depression takes place, which is hard to overcome. This is where a medical specialist can play a critical role. Don’t be afraid to share your situation to someone that can help. Remember, you’re not alone. There are other people whom you can depend on and trust.

Effects of Racism

Racism can affect a person’s life. While discriminating is easy for some people, the one who’s being intimidated/insulted/criticized experience a hard time. Some possible effects of racism are discussed below:

Low Self-Esteem

The common impact of racism on an individual is low-self-esteem. We think we are worthless and believe the world is against us. We begin to be negative. Then, we start to feel afraid of facing others.


It’s normal for a person to worry. But it could lead to anxiety and depression in the long run. Before it happens, seek the assistance of a certified and qualified medical professional. Watch inspirational videos. Listen to music. Start writing to express yourself. Also, travel the world when the pandemic ends.

Unhappy Relationship

Probably, you’re used to negative stereotyping. But the stigma still hurts, right? Once you start to doubt and feel afraid, your relationship with your partner could be affected. Don’t worry! There are life coaches and guidance counselors that can help.


Racism can also affect your productivity in the office. You won’t stay focused while doing some paper works. The quality of your output will be low. Absenteeism will be another problem.


Discrimination can change the way you see the world. You will lose direction in life. Your passion begins to fade away. The impacts of stereotyping, racism and other forms are indeed powerful.

What To Do When You Experience The Stigma

Divert Your Attention – Don’t entertain negative comments over social media platforms and dating sites. Always focus on the bright side of life. Watch inspiring videos to divert your attention.

Focus on Your Strengths – Gender orientation/identity is not a crime. You do not commit something heinous. When discriminated against even in online dating, focus on your capabilities. Be positive at all times.

Learn a New Hobby – Don’t waste your energy on toxic people. Instead, learn something new. You can do some gardening in your yard, read books, from novels, poems to biographies. You may start writing your first blog, as well. There are also other things you may try.

Talk to People – But be selective. Just talk to someone who genuinely accepts you. Then, share your problems. You will feel a bit relieved.

Reflect – Don’t forget to reflect on your purpose and passion. What’s your goal? What are your interests? Whatever it is, strive to make them happen. Also, remember that you are an amazing person.

Attend to Personality Development Seminars Yes, these are great opportunities for you to grow as a person and professional, too. You can search on social media for further details.

Schedule an Appointment with an Expert – Discrimination or racism is a traumatic experience. This leads to anxiety and depression over time. Don’t hesitate to let a licensed professional help you overcome that challenge.

Surround Yourself with Positive People – It’s frustrating to mingle with negative individuals. So, socialize with people with a genuine heart and intention. Their laughter and words of wisdom can definitely rekindle your positivity and passion.

Overall, there’s always someone willing to listen, REMEMBER!

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