The psychology of women’s sexuality

Realistically, in a romantic relationship, when sex is right, it’s merely 33.33% of the relationship. Unfortunately, when sex is wrong, it’s 89% of the relationship. This is very sad (but true).

The psychology of women's sexuality 

The truth about sexuality:

Of course, when sex is working, everything else in this romance also works better. Even though fantastic sex can’t get rid of all your issues all of a sudden, it’s surely a key sign of good communication & an authentic connection between you and your boyfriend. 

Nevertheless, when sex doesn’t work very well in a romantic relationship, everything else looks off to some degree, even if you two pretend that things are all right for months…or even for years.

Truthfully, sex actually matters a lot – it’s an accurate barometer for a relationship which shows if you and your partner have a genuine emotional connection & are able to effectively communicate with each other well. 

Now I’m going to show you how to become a mentally luscious girl that men can NEVER resist. You’re in for a treat today!

It’s absolutely all right for women to like sex & to discuss sex. 

The mainstream culture obviously assumes that “good girls” and “normal women” don’t love sex. Even a popular dating guru says, “Women are not even validated by sex” on live TV! Because the mainstream culture has significantly influenced a large number of women, these ladies literally believe that sex is bad/evil. In fact, that’s just some BS conditioning from the mainstream society. Remember: men still dominate the society and they invented “slut-shaming” to control women. In reality, women enjoy sex, which is merely human nature! 

A major study reveals that around 32% of the Web traffic are looking for adult videos, which explains why 3 of the top 10 sites in Australia and North America are adult websites). Roughly 39% of adult video viewers are female. 

What men secretly desire is multi-dimensional ladies, i.e. elegant, sweet, sexy and confident women. A woman like that can courageously show different qualities and traits on different occasions effortlessly. She is very well-calibrated! 

A woman in love shouldn’t hide her sexual desire. So, if you have a boyfriend, you should totally embrace your real sexualityJust. Own. It. 

Bravely sensualize your wonderful life. 

You immediately become a more attractive woman when you begin to think sexy. A dating coach says this process is “the art of self-seduction”. I have some good examples to show you: 

a) Wearing a sensual perfume to bed at night;

b) Receiving/giving a massage in the bedroom;

c) Feeding each other chocolate before/after sex.

Indeed, the more sexual thoughts you have, the more attention you can get from your guy. If you feel like initiating sex, you should totally do it. Why not?

When your boyfriend is in the office, you can send him a sexually charged message. Your guy will miss you and smile when he receives that message

When your partner comes back home at night & notices you are wearing an apron only, he will not stay late in his uninteresting office anymore.

How to talk to your man:

Passionately describe to your man the first time you met him, the first time he kissed you and the first time you had sex with him. Boldly describe it in very graphic detail and tell him how you felt at that time precisely. Oh, you can read an erotic book so that your oral description will become more vivid. 

Tell him when he made you truly feel aroused for the first time. Frankly, if something unusual aroused you, that’s even more stimulating and exciting. Maybe it happened while listening to Norah Jones’s songs in the car with him. Or when you were seeing a particular movie with him. Now I’m pretty sure your boyfriend will realize that there is a genuine spark in this romantic relationship with you, because nobody can artificially manufacture that true spark if it never existed in the first place.

Specifically tell your partner everything you liked about him – and still do today. This is the ideal way to make sure that your guy is always on his best behavior every single day. (He surely would like you to appreciate him).

Unapologetically unleash the naughty vixen within.

Your inner naughty vixen is a confident, happy, bold, sexy and courageous badass. The vixen clearly knows what she madly desires as well as what her guy deeply wants. Apart from that, your inner naughty vixen knows exactly how to get it right now. 

A naughty vixen knows her sexual power as an empowered lady and understands how to utilize that sexual power to better her life. 

As a result, a real vixen’s romantic relationship is full of a sense of security and lots of passion.

A true vixen also knows that mind-blowing sex is certainly far more than intercourse. As a matter of fact, it is an art form, a whole experience, and a ceremony.

A bold vixen undresses her partner with her seductive eyes, for her eyes could do more than simply looking at him.

Bonus tips:

Next time when you are sitting in a restaurant with your man, use your seductive eyes to scan his body in a shameless manner. The moment your eyes meet his, just let your eyes travel south slowly & seductively. You can begin from his sexy shoulders. Then work your way down his manly chest and linger a minute on his intriguing belt. As you compete for the dirty scrutiny, gradually & slowly look up into your boyfriends’ intoxicating eyes again. Then kindly reward him with a subtle smile that shows approval in a cheeky way.


Since the majority of women don’t really have the courage to do something so outrageous in a public setting, your boyfriend apparently never had this experience in the past – he will love your move! Quite frankly, do you really think other customers in the restaurant are literally looking at where your eyes are travelling to? Do strangers care? Do you care what some random strangers think of you?

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