A Demon Barbarian’s Guide to Impressing a Girl

Hastily drawn by Matthew Inman http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/yaks.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/pterodactyl.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/croquet.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/yoga.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/bees.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/piglets.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/douchebag.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/art_project.jpg” alt=”” /> http://assets.mingle2.com/images/blog/demon_barbarian/end.jpg” alt=”” />




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