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windybill "I'm the 1, but R U ?"
69 year old man from Melbourne, Arkansas      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About windybill

About Michael
I'm not like anyone you've ever
met before. Unless you've already
met me... stalker. :-)

Sure, I could bore you with
delusions of how wonderful
I am, but lets face it, I'm
sure you've already read this
about two hundred times in all
the other profiles...

I believe that actions speak
louder than words, so why

A lot of people have told me
that I'm "special" or "gifted".

I think they're jealous that I
can count to 10, or 20 with my
shoes off, and even to 23 in the
shower. (don't ask)

Anywhoo... I surround myself
with optimistic people who
are going somewhere in life,
and no, I don't mean KFC.

I'm very open-minded with an
international outlook, a risk-
taker who is always up for a
new adventure.

I love dogs, beaches, meaningful
conversations, and self improvement.

I keep very busy and love my life.

I don't have the time or inclination
to date everyone under the sun
anymore, and I have no problem
meeting people.

I'm extremely selective, and
am just fine if I don't meet
anyone on here...

But, if you're someone really
really really special, I'd love
to have you along for the ride
and make our already great lives
that much better.
Profession: Department of Defence Retired

Physical Appearance

5' 10"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
Christian - Other
Want Children?

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