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VfiveVs5 "The little spark that becomes a constant curren"
60 year old man from Jasper, Florida      Looking for woman for activity partner Last seen over a month ago

About VfiveVs5

Interests: everything
I am the guy who stands where others do not. Who walks alone rather than with the crowd . I am driven by things other than consumerism and pop culture . I have sacrificed much in life for doing so but am rewarded in ways I wish others could find... In the end I believe most hold regret that we did not spend our lives in pursuit of what is really important. I believe 'true' love is built not on a foundation of what enamors us but on what is real in our hearts. That special mutual something that will last us to the end of our days ... I have been there to the end. I know what I am looking for ... I know how to cooperate in such a place ... Today I find myself alone, looking for my next adventure.

I believe that to find what most the ladies claim they want, a man must have his own mind . He must stand his own ground. He must not be easily influenced by others but must interact with positive influence to those around him . I see this only in a very small handful of men and I find that the vast majority of women actually do not really want what they are asking for.. They seem to be much as the men they complain about.

I feel sympathy for all of us who find ourselves on this site for I know we long for human touch, understanding and companionship. I wish I could grant all of our wishes ... I wish all of you well in your search .

If you are lucky enough to find it.. Love like there is no tomorrow. If you are the survivor you will know that no matter how much you cherish your special other, there will be things you wish you had done better.. Those around you will tell you it is OK... But we can not help but feel that which we feel. But for me..." If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.. Dance !.. I hope you dance " ..

Don't get me wrong... If it is a bad boy you desire... I am as bad as they come.... But I am the bad boy on the good side ... I am not a drunk or a dead beat. In fact I am very creative and resourceful. I do get a little out of hand from time to time... But it is enjoyed with laughter and candor .

I can't believe it has only been 12 months from the death of my wife . I can't believe I am here. My old life seems like a dream. Like it never happened .. Now I am baffled trying to navigate this system . Even the vernacular is strange to me. You guys have me looking up acronyms lol. Wow ..

I think POF puts us in a 'too many fish' place... It is like trying to pick out the best cantaloupe at the supermarket... After a while they all have been handled so much you don't want any of them. And who would want any of us as the shoppers ? There is a bitterness to many who have patronized these waters for too long .. ( Don't go anywhere my friends... But lighten up a little ) That is not who I am. If I fish here to long I will not become bitter and suspicious toward those I fish with. I want more than this and I will not be checking in here like the Hotel California. I will live in solitude first. That I surely do not want . I dream of my perfect other .

I am writing a book about my travels. I titled it " K2"... Loosing love to cancer and the search to find it again. (K2... The deadliest mountain on earth to summit).. I am a fisher of one woman. I hope to find a happy ending to my story . I deserve it. You do too !>>>------------->

I Am an inventor . I explore , I research social theory and hidden history. I like simple things like the moss and ferns in my garden and the lizards and snails that inhabit them. I like minnows and fish and fossils and artifacts and birds and turtles and non flowering plants and wild flowers etc.

I love the water and choose to wake up in the morning on the river with my coffee sitting to watch the sun rise in the attached pic where the tree over hangs the Suwanee . I am somewhat of a minimalist and try to leave a small footprint... on the planet that is ... Not in life... But I am not the typical environmentalist

I am an advocate for small business and small land owners ... Quite the interesting history there if you Google me.

I create many beautiful wood works and am building a new small cottage on the Suwanee. ( sure would enjoy a special other to create it with me )

I am sophisticated but humble. I am a go getter but I am laid back . I love a glass of cheep wine in a nice wine glass... A few of them with the right soul with which to have a few laughs

I am looking for the real deal... I wonder where she is .... I know she exist and I know she is looking for a guy just like me. I am sure she will be unlike the others.. She will stand out to me even though she may believe she is obscure .

I want a girl that is my favorite place, my best play mate., my best friend , my comrade at arms, that is beautiful and charming... I want the girl that when the world sees us together it becomes a brighter place . I want her to be all girly-girl and a little bit Tom-boy . I want heavens little devil and the studious intellectual .

I want the girl that keeps me laughing and makes me smile when I think of her ... I want our bond to be passionate as teenagers to the end or our years . I want her to slide over beside me in the seat as we turn right and spout " That's and SOB turn right there Slide over baby ! ", to sing with the radio, to dance like everybody is watching, to be bubbly and vibrant. I want her to be sensual and seductive every chance we get . I want anticipation. I want the pleasure that only two people just that much in love can find ! I want to find that spark that I know right then will be constant current to the end of my days.

I want to see that she has always loved the things I love .. That she gets fulfillment and reward from the same things I do . . That we will build everything from our garden to our home with the same vision of creativity ..

I want to meet the girl that I have always loved and simply one day met her because she has always been everything I love in the girl of my dreams .

I want to know that there will never be any doubt . I want her to know there is no doubt .. I want her to know I will be there no matter how dark a path life may take ... I want to know she will be there .

About me ????? I am her counterpart in every way .... I want that feeling .. and I want it to be never ending .

Call me a dreamer ... I will find you.. You watch and see.

----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---account If
---|||---|||---You Know
-----\\///-----Who Died
----///--\\\---Or whom may be suffering from it
---///----\\\--Or whom may be a survivor

And for those of you left alone after the battle is over ... You are never alone... I am here with you . Bob

A Message from Kathy:
Profession: Infuence

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5' 10"
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White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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