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RoyalGypsy62 "Would you LoVe to be Serenaded ?"
55 year old man from Lady Lake, Florida      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last four days

About RoyalGypsy62

I've been on this planet for 55+ years. I've had experiences that shown me otherwise, to the tune of 700 years...Some of my friends say "I'm very attuned." I seem to pick up vibrations everywhere and see them as geometric shapes and mathamatical formulas..or as a hunch beckoning investigation...Everything literally comes Alive with music..I can breathe, am free, almost everything becomes so clear and is easily grasped..It just manifests itself..was literally weened on all genres of music and I have alot of Soul for a white man..thus I feel the rhythm and beat down to the core...So, the strange, bizarre, weird, unknown, hidden, angelic, paranormal fascinates me..and has quite frequently in the past, been thoroughly investigated...I am Not your average Joe..I seek Kindred Spirits who are growing, evolving, learning, developing..because if you are Not growing, you're going..and The sky is the limit but the universe is still expanding (although, some scientists conclude that the universe is receeding)...Also I'm

Free-spirited..versatile..multifaceted..intelligent..witty.. loyal..young-at-heart --- Have a insatiable appetite for most areas pertaining to mind, body and soul...Am analytical yet creative, intuitively sensitive since childhood, with a few innate abilities that are better demonstrated than written about.

Friends say that I'm just a Good-ole-soul with a caretakers heart --- I'm spontaneous at unknown times..I just have to get up and dance when I hear a good rhythm..(grew up in a musical family..and love most music except rap and metal)...Sing when the Spirit moves me..(I Truely LoVe singing to The Lord..and it could be any other song that captures my spirit)...Capture a beautiful scene in art or a snapshot...(I devoted over 35 years to my artwork) --- LoVe those subtle yet inspiring little moments of Awe..that moves your soul..and forever want to express how I unique, random, almost child-like ways.

LoVe genuine, sincere, alittle off-beat and zany types of people...You have to pique my interest for me to pay attention..for I love passionate about many things..enriched beyond mere superficiality..yet try to wear the world like a loose garmet..and silly..joke around..flirt...the Only missing ingredient is --- You
Profession: Landscaper and volunteer services

Physical Appearance

6' 1"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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Christian - Other
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