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Aceml "It is what it is."
46 year old man from Columbus, Ohio      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About Aceml

When you walk by me, you may of walked by silly dude, stud-muffin, wierdo, or if your lucky a Sweet Gentleman. Mind you he's very dangerous at having manners. Can you handle that? Hmmm.....I think not. But just in case you don't know. Here's the list so you can a recognize a Sweet Gentleman when you see one.

1. He smells good that's because showering is free and when you smell him. He's practically sniffalicious.
2. He will open the doors for you because maybe you may not know how to open a door. But just in case you do, you may have to show him how to open a door also.
3. He will listen to all your conversations with great delight even though he has no idea what "Statistical Algorithmic of the Human Genome" is?
4. He will try to look at your eyes and lips even though you have pushed your cleavages in his face. Why ohhh why do you females torture us? It's not fair, but I'm not complaining.
5. He will buy you drinks to loosen you up even though you could out drink an alcoholic on a good day. That means you will probably have to carry him out because he ped out because you outdrank him. Not fair.
6. When your eating and you have some food stuck in between your teeth. He will offer you a toothpick. That's teamwork.
7. When you desire this man so bad and want to jump his bones and ride him for dear life. He will refuse and then in the morning kick himself in the because when a lady throws themselves at accept!!
8. This Sweet Gentleman probably made this list.
9. The Gentleman has to excuse himself to the bathroom.
10. He's back. Phew...that was a relief.
11. If you find this Sweet Gentleman on POF. Just respond because it can be a connection.
12. The Gentleman is waiting so don't p him up because the next jerk is wanting you also. But if you choose the jerk instead. The Gentleman will always pick you up.
13. Now you know. Your life is not fulfilled. Go find me....umm...him.

***Do you know what sucks? It's starting over again to re-proving yourself to someone else that your worth it. To beat it all, changing this profile a couple of times to hear the same old song and dance. But I do it because I know there is one that will completely almost accept me as I am. Maybe not on here, but somewhere.
Profession: Optical Assistant

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
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Never married
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