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barefootbiker "Can anybody find me sombody to know... "who won't blow my cover""
64 year old man from Coatesville, Pennsylvania      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About barefootbiker

Hi...I motorcycle. I think allot and write about what I think. I want to find fame as a writer and even a thinker. I should be famous for who I am and I am here now for you to know me if we please. I am basically retired from the work game and am now bound to be found, exposed and made happy, as I write so shall she find me, so you may be she who frees me.

first date?

Dressed to the nines to impress me You meet me where we agreed [park, Mall, Restaurant, but no] I pick you up at your place. We drive to where we can walk and talk, and sit some too. A museum, a board walk, through a mall, on our way to see a play, if no play then a concert or another show, but if non of that a meal following some conversation and some flirtation should lead to a good night kiss. In my car, or beside my motorcycle if we go that way some serious necking [they used to call it] can take place before she stumbles to her door leaning on me for support drunk from passion alone. Whether she pulls me inside or not will be up to her. As long as we plan to see each other again soon we both know there will be more where the first has come from and it will only get better. I know she'll pull me inescapably in when the passion will be undeniable. ...Or we can dress casually and meet at McDonalds for some fries and a Coke. Tease each other some and plan for more from there too. Getting to know another is a different process for everyone. In any case it can be fun, and she should know that. Maybe we can just have me shown off as a piece of meat for her friends to admire her control over. As long as we all are having fun. Finally I don't have the slightest clue what the perfect first date will be.

who am I really?

Been all 48 states driving big rigs. Been awarded numerous times for antique motorcycles shown. Seen allot, and I've had extremely interesting adventures and happenings all through my life. It is time I write of these things and more. It is time I relate many of these adventures, feelings and beliefs from the unique perspective I have. I believe I should be known for more than I am right now. I should be and I can be known for what I have to say, and what that is I believe shall be important, valuable and desired to be heard. I want to be famous for a good reason. I can write, I can tell stories many ways. I can be funny, and charming while being disarming and an enigma at the same time. Deep, sometimes dark, always with a sense of humor, and honorable. I believe at this time, no matter how it sounds I accept that I am different, I do not believe it can be wrong for me to have a young lover [who I would be completely devoted to] and I am now striving for what I say; To be known for who I am as a unique individual and be famous for good works, good thinking, or simply in a good way. I believe I can achieve the goals that will bring the happiness and the right conclusions for a life spent gathering the information and desire of love of another I have had. I seek, ....therefore I find, YOU [if you can believe it] And I find myself too.
Profession: retired mechanic and truck driver

Physical Appearance

5' 10"
Body type
A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Christian - Other
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