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NikitaB "I like potato chips dipped in mustard!"
27 year old woman from Coffeyville, Kansas      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About NikitaB

Interests: travel, music, art, eating, family, poetry

I am Nikita and I would love to talk. I wouldn't say I'm conceited, but I do hold high standards for a partner. I want a house full of children. I am young, but ready to settle down. I am from a very small town and I love it, it's is the perfect place for a family. Well you should talk to me I am a very interesting female.

I do write poetry.

"I've Lost It All"
Tears stream down my face silently
Why did it have to be this way?
All I have to hold onto is memories
But I keep hoping you'll be back one day
Smiles are forced
Laughs are fake
Inside I'm a lost little girl
Will you come back for my sake?
People think I'm so strong
I let you go
My best friend, my whole world
They just don't know
I cry every night because of you
Reading your messages day and night
Why am I still crying over you?
I thought without you I'd be alright
I was so beyond wrong
Without you I just don't have reason
So I just sit here by the window
Nothing changing no matter the season
The nights grow longer
My eyes are blood shot,
I cant close them
For I haven't forgot
Your smile, your laugh
They haunt me day and night
Why cant I let your memory fade?
I'm losing this fight
Why is everyone calling me strong?
Can they not see what's going on?
Well I never let them see me cry
They wont notice I'm gone
Slipping out my window
Nothing but the clothes on my back
I carry the knife in my hand
It's time I finish this act
I sit under this willow tree
Remembering your voice, our goodbye,
A bittersweet smile spreads across my face
Maybe you wont mind if I die
Gripping the dagger in hand
I plunge it into my chest
Amazingly I feel nothing, no pain at all
Know this was for the best
My eyes close slowly
There's still that smile on my face
I swear I hear you screaming my name
I feel your embrace
You're holding me tightly
Holding my hand
Are those tears in your eyes?
You're telling me to stay,
saying it like a demand
I can only manage a whisper
But I'll waste my last breath for you
It wont be long
These words are overdue
"I love you
But this needed to be done
Don't blame yourself
I just came undone"
With that my body goes limp
But I can still hear you screaming
Still see the tears falling from your eyes
Soon enough though I'll figure out...
That I was just dreaming
I was only dreaming...

"The End"
My time is slowly running out
My end is drawing near
My last breath is approaching
And I'm filled with nothing but fear
The portraits from my past
Are impossible to erase
And the deepest of them all
Is your picture perfect face
Soon whats left of me will be gone
I'll be a shawdow to this place
As I slowy fade away

It is love that fashions us
Into the fullness of our being
Neither our looks nor our work
Neither our wants nor our achievements
Neither our parents nor our status
Not our dreams
These are all the navigating fuels of our lives
But it is love:
Who we love how we love
Why we love and that we love
That ultimately shapes us.

Erased from memory,
Erased from mind.
Erased from eternity,
And left behind.
There it'll stay,
Until one day,
When I find it again,
Come out it may.
I wish it'd go,
I wish it'd leave.
If it was just as easy,
Just a breeze.
But it won't be gone,
I'm stuck like glue,
Every single day I'm still thinking of you.
I push it away,
But it just comes back,
Like I'm forever running,
An endless track.
I hate you yet I love you,
For doing this to me.
But if you weren't here,
Maybe I'd finally be free.
I'm still thinking of you,
More and more,
So much, in fact,
My heart feels sore.
Yet I fly away from my problems,
A timid dove,
But deep inside my heart,
I know it's still you I love.

“Within A Dream”
Here we are once more,
Within a dream or is it not?
Whatever the case this time again,
Our hands fall asleep intertwined together.
Even pretending makes it feel so real...
No matter the blindness of the heart.
Years down the road we may look back,
And perhaps for a moment question ourselves,
Was any to blame, for what went wrong in us?
For we have one thing over so many others,
That no matter how painful it had become...
It was all real, for our hearts bled within each moment.
Before the clocks stop ticking,
Within this illusion we believe a dream,
Let us kiss for a moment, once more together,
It isn't making the same mistake, but redoing it,
Creating the fate that we both desired within our hearts...
For once the desire to awaken was distinguished,
And the pion to define our love was ignited,
But only... If only dreams came true...

"Vegas Lights"
When I think of you
Smiles are the only things I think of
The way you make me feel
I never expected
After only a short period of time
I knew you were the best I would find
They tell me I should never settle
For anything less than the best
When I think of you
I don’t imagine anything as great
You’re everything I picture
When I think of the man I want to be with
We live such a great distance apart
But I have never felt this close to someone
I have fallen so hard for you
When I think of being with you
My heart begins to race
And I think
I want to see those Vegas lights
With you by my side.

"How Love Feels"
You know how it feels
When the wind rush through your hair
On a warm august day
When you let the sand run through your toes
Right next to the ocean
When you sip hot chocolate next to the fire
On a snowy December day
When you come home to a big soft bed
After a long day at work
When you pull on that sexy little black dress
That makes you feel good
It is all the good things in life
It is that feeling you get
When you see the smile
On the one you love
It is the heart pounding beating so fast
But out of all those amazing things
It is love that feels the greatest.

I love your laugh,
you’re everything to me.
I love when I see you;
my heart feels like it is free.
I love your gentle touch,
your goofy smiles.
You send my heart in shock;
my love can stretch for miles.
I love your hugs,
your eyes so bright.
I dream of you forever,
every day and night.
I want to tell you that I love you;
I don’t know what you’d say.
I fear that if I tell you,
you will up and walk away

"From within this dream"
I want a fairytale
I need to know they exist
Some kind of miracle
Some kind of legend or myth

One with a handsome prince
One with no disasters
One with no sad endings
Only happily ever afters

There is no dragon guarded tower
No time to meet thy doom
Just a pillow beneath my head
As I sleep quietly in my room

I want to see a face
One impossible to forget
So even when I wake
It's like he never left

He will have brown eyes
Have black hair and be quite tall
The charming kind of guy
That will catch me if I fall

He will stay by my side
I can be sure he'll never leave
Because I know he loves me
Even from within a dream

He is my price charming
He tells me all I need to know
Says that he'll always love me
And that he'll never let me go

From within this dream
I now have a prince by my side
Someone who will love me
From day break til well into the night

From within this dream
I have somewhere to call home
We'll always be together
No longer will I be alone

From within this dream
I am exactly who I want to be
I am safe and sound
Where no one can ever reach me.
Profession: Art student.

Physical Appearance

5' 6"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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