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MysticEyes63 "One Woman, Wanting One Man, Interested? One Catch, Be Serious"
55 year old woman from Lake Havasu City, Arizona      Looking for man for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About MysticEyes63

I am originally from PA moved to Lake Havasu May of 2004, I had spent 3 winters, before making Havasu my home. I am confident, have opinions, love conversation. I love to be outdoors, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, camping, boating.
With me its the little things that mean the most, I am not materialistic. But I could go for being spoiled once in a blue moon. I love a night out on the town, dancing cheek to cheek, or maybe just dinner and a movie. We could explore cooking, or at least try to make dinner together? I will supply the candles, then we would snuggle on the sofa and listen to some romantic music. Lets watch a movie, sports whatever as long as we are in each others arms. I am true romantic seeking my soul mate, I like to dress sexy but tasteful for my guy to know that the devilish look in my eye is for him and him only.

Affection, cannot have enough of it and I want a guy who is not afraid to show affection back. I have been known to be a great hostess whether it be for friends coming for drinks or a dinner party for your work ociatees. Just getting that glance across the room and me blushing because I know what you are thinking. The brush against me as you walk by or a peck on the cheek in the kitchen telling what a great night it turned out to be.
When I do find my soul mate, he will have it all. I love to give pleasure not that I mind receiving, but I am going to rock his world. I am going to be his best friend, someone he can talk to about work, us, family there will nothing that we cannot share. I will also be his lover, fulfill his every desire.
I have been through alot in my life and it has taken me on a long journey. I have grown and learned and the funny thing you never stop learning. If there is probably one thing that would blow my world apart is my guy planning a romantic get away, me not knowing, him telling to have my bags ready!
There is one catch to all this, if you read this far you most likely are interested. If you are going to nudge, I perfer you write. Please do not play mind games (not interested). It is sad, being adults and wanting to hopefully all find the same thing: Our last
true love. (At least that is why I am on here). Due to the games of internet dating it very seldom goes beyond one e-mail.
But if we happen to get beyond that one e-mail and do find that there is some chemistry. Chemistry, meaning there is definitely an attraction. When we first meet, that connection with our eyes. (Knowing that we both want to get to know each other further). The final test is your kiss,: )(:a kiss can say so much without any words being spoken. Someone who knows what I am explaining, well do I need to say anything more..?
Whether it is though our e-mails or chatting on the phone there is a time line for meeting face to face. If we cannot make it possible to meet on a proper date within three or four weeks of contact on phone or continuous flirting of e-mails please do not waste my time. (If Not Sooner)I am not a multi dater, usually if I start communicating (especially over the phone) my thoughts of meeting someone else is out the door. I am not a woman that is hoping something better comes along.
I am a woman hoping to find that special guy to give my heart, mind, body and soul too. This is not a game to me, this is my life and I am here on honesty, trust and an open book. If there is something you want to know all you have to do is ask. My photos are not from 10 years ago, they are all recent. I have nothing to hide and all I ask from that special someone is the same. Be honest with your photos, be honest with your age. The littlest lie could lose you the best thing that could every happen in your life. ME!!
Lets make that adventure last a life time, a piece of time, a lifetime of memories. (OUR MEMORIES)

Its all starts with a date, looking into my eyes and then that very special magical KISS....:)(:

FYI: If I do by chance find that special some1 or he finds me, I would
PS: I sound too serious but its time.
I want a relationship, I do not
need one.
Profession: Writer

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5' 8"
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White / Caucasian


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Buddhist / Taoist
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