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StephenLen "Hi.."
58 year old man from Sand Lake, Wisconsin      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About StephenLen

My name is Stephen and I'm a very rich man! I am rich with values which include; compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, good sense of humor, health and fitness, honesty, gentleness, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. Or simply, I diligently work to maintain integrity with regards to an agape definition of love.

Ok, I wasn't going to mention this but I went to school to become an astronaut and trained to play professional baseball! Umm, ok that might be a tiny bit misleading! I used to make paper airplanes, I had a telescopeI, and I read a couple articles on the subject! I also played baseball as a kid! What? I'm pretty sure that's how you train for the pros! I got to wear a helmet!😁

Contrary to the impression these RECENT photos might give, I actually smile quite a lot! I enjoy life immensely and I do not hold anyone else responsible for my happiness! It's tremendously important for me to be a person I enjoy being with!

I'm a photographer, an artist, a writer and I love to sing, play the guitar, mandolin, and listen to music! Though I believe myself to be very respectful, in the midst of small talk, I would prefer and tremendously appreciate, meaningful conversation! I grew up with four sisters and no brothers. Which I believe, has given me an interesting sensitivity and perspective. I have absolutely no interest in spectator sports but don't mind if you do! I would even watch them with you. I deeply enjoy spending time in the woods, on a lake, canoeing or snorkeling down a river. I like archery. I like to hunt, forage for wild edibles, and I've recently been learning about wild medicinals. I have a house on five acres, three of which are wooded, about five miles out, from the town of Stone Lake, WI. With a 50'x40' garden thats completely organic. If you have any interest in being acquainted and I very much hope you do! Or if you have any questions what so ever, please don't hesitate to message me! I hope to hear from you soon!🌺

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