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DannyDevon "I would like to make friends"
66 year old man from Leamington Spa, England      Looking for woman for friendship Last seen over a month ago

About DannyDevon

I'm looking for a really nice friend, a Lady, a gentle hearted and thoughtful girl. Okay at first glance that may sound a bit old fashioned but I don't mean in that sense at all - Oh boy I'm making a mess of this aren't I? What I'm trying to say is that the girl I'm looking for would be vibrant and modern in her outlook on life, thoughts, and dress sense and also have a very caring, loving, and sharing heart. If I was doing things together with a nice girl like this such as going for meals together, days out etc, and if we got on so very well that something deeper and closer developed from our friendship I'd be overjoyed that although we may have started out with the intention of just being friends we liked each others company so much that we ended up wanting to be together. In a nutshell I'm looking for a lovely lady friend initially but I don't have a closed mind on what could happen as we get to know each other better and as time progresses!

I had heard that the supermarket checkout was a good place to meet people but that didn't work out for various reasons. Firstly you smile nicely at some lady in the supermarket queue and she thinks you're some kinda fruitcake or worse still a complete Hat-Stand. Even the checkout girl doesn't want to know, she just keeps on shoving my goods down that slope whilst I wrestle with a stupid plastic bag that does all it can to stop me from opening it. It astonishes me how someone with a reasonably high IQ is totally unable to complete such a simple task as opening a plastic bag that a blindfolded three-year old could open with consummate ease... so if you're an expert at opening supermarket bags and are willing to give me lessons in how to open them too - bring it on girl! Now you think I'm totally nutz don't you? Well I'm not really; I just think it's best to see the amusing side of life even when things get desperate and you're confronted with difficulties. Other than that I'm just a simple ordinary guy, who above all is polite and would always treat a girl with respect, dignity, equality, and just how a really nice girl would always want to be and always should be treated.
Profession: Student

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5' 6"
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White / Caucasian


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