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Borntoolate123 "Life In The Slow Lane............"
52 year old man from Old Forge, Pennsylvania      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About Borntoolate123

......In most ways I'm old-fashioned, so I'm looking for a relationship that leans in that direction. The "best friends" idea always sounded pretty good. The qualities I'd like? ......A love of music, a sense of humor, and strong moral values would top my list. The down-to-earth type. Natural. Low maintenance. Someone honest, understanding, loyal, dependable, and kind of mellow. (Not hyper). ...As for looks, I'm not too fussy but I'd prefer someone slim or fit and under 5'7". (I'm 5'9" and about 165). ...People say I have a good sense of humor, tho a bit strange. My jokes run from cerebral to corny. ...I can hold my own in almost any conversation. And, as in any partnership, I greatly appreciate open communication and honesty. So I don't lie, ......except, of course, about my age, (It's not just a girl thing), or if for a greater good, as when critiquing the latest effort of a preschool Picasso. ...I'm also a bit of a health nut. (No junk food). I try keeping active to stay fit, and would like someday to have a pool. (No, not the kind you inflate). ...My one passion is music. I've played most of my life, and still do when I get the chance. And I collect music, mostly American, from days gone by (1890 - 1990), ...along with some newer artists. I also enjoy watching old, and some not-so-old movies, and collect those as well. ...Other than that, it's the "simple pleasures". ......Yard sales, board games, trivia, museums, classic car shows, theatre, country auctions, and working around the house. ...I'm more on the frugal and disciplined side, and not a thrill seeker, and yet, ......I'm not totally boring. Go figure. ...I read primarily non-fiction and reference. I love both to teach and to learn, and would value someone complementary. ......A "seeker of wisdom and truth", as the song goes. ...I don't smoke and rarely drink. ......And I'm definitely a homebody. I don't believe that happiness requires an abundance of excitement or things. So if, when it comes to life, you're one of those few people who just "gets it", ...then I'd really like to hear from you.
That's about it. (I tried to avoid most, if not all of the usual cliches.) Questions? ...Just ask.

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5' 9"
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White / Caucasian


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Never married
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