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MusicLover1988 "Looking for hope"
30 year old man from Larchmont, New York      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About MusicLover1988

I tried the bar and college scene for a while but that didn't work, so I thought I'd try this out.

I see myself who is caring, warm, funny, and gentle. I'm not always great in new situations, but over time I warm up. My friends tell me I'm a good listener and helpful to them in dealing with some of their problems. I've been described as being a true friend and am looking for somebody who can appreciate these qualities. I have been told I am very old fashioned and a TRUE romantic. I treat people with kindness and respect especially women.

I'm the kind of guy that you call when you need a ride, when you need to talk, when you just want to take a walk, when you want to talk about what's wrong, when you just want to sing a song, I am there for the ones I care about no matter what, I am there. I am also very spontaneous, one moment I could have an idea, the next I'm doing it while already thinking of something else to do.

I love to laugh, I love to sing and I can tell you the le and singer of most songs just by hearing a few lyrics or part of the music. I love comic books, have a huge collection and can spend hours discussing anything from the number of heroes Spider-Man's teamed up with, to every member of the justice society, in short I am a nerd but I am also a singer.

I'm not much of a traveler, I mean I've been to England, France... you know enough places to see the sights but I really enjoy just being at home and enjoying the tranquility that home provides.

I've been told I'm a great guy, always able to make people smile, feel better, and just enjoy themselves more when they're around me. I have a great memory and love seeing the look on a person's face when I suddenly bring her flowers, take her to a favorite restaurant, realize that I'm tough but sweet, or just do something nice out of the blue

I love to go to a cafe/diner with a girl, order some food and just talk about whatever is on her mind, and if she can't think of anything I like to just sit and enjoy their company. However, I also like to go out to a club or even just a walk around a town, I am very open to suggestions.

One of my favorite things to do is go watch movies, either at a theater or a video store. I can't count the number of movies I've seen over and over again and had a blast seeing them each time. But my favorite thing by far is to cuddle with a person anywhere and just enjoy her company and presence.

I'm an upbeat and energetic kind of guy, and am always up for doing something crazy or making people laugh, as making them smile makes me smile. I'm very spontaneous at times and have been told to tone it down at times, but I can't seem to do so, I just love life and all the things it offers me too much.

I love my family, am very close with my parents and sister and believe that the only thing more important than family is love, and even then it's a close match-up

I believe one of the most important things a man can do is treat a woman right. Listen to her needs and do what you can to be there for her, but don't be afraid to let your opinion be heard if you think it can help her.

I don't believe in rushing a relationship, I believe that you should be patient when trying to get a girl to date you, be prepared for rejection, and above all be there for her when she needs you whether you date or not. However, when you do become involved with a person be loyal, be truthful, be pionate, and be loving because any woman you date deserves nothing less, I'm not saying don't have your own life, but be faithful to your partner and there for them when they need you, not when you need them.

I'm looking for something real, I've been hurt before and met people who aren't looking for romance. Well I am, if you are than please contact me.

This is who I am, if you like what you see drop me a line, I always hope for the best.
Profession: Student

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6' 2"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Never married
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