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123onlylove "Hi.."
40 year old man from Arimo, Idaho      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About 123onlylove

Hi..I'm searching only for serious attitude for the future family I do not wish to play game with feelings and heart of any women I wish to meet the real women full of love and adjusted on long home life I shall hope very much who knows who may be the lucky lady I think that such a women exist in his world probably I hope they the love happens not only in film to me it is very necessary the women which will understand me to love me and accept me with all my positive parties and lacks I'm so honesty,sincere,caring,reliable,said the true have the fearing of God, have the sense of humor how to treat a women right
I'm an independent person that loves to be with family and friends I enjoy meeting people I'm down to earth and easy to talk with someone
I enjoy a women who can have conversations about many topic I love to laugh I enjoy a women who is somewhat reserved and does not share her worries with the world
I'm true to my partner and can communicate my feelings very easily
I need someone that is solid,confident and intelligent someone that is easy to be around with someone that has a gentle sense of humor and love to laugh
Really hard to find right woman..I am a very laid back person with a good attitude and my own style. I'm very fond of the Golden Rule (treat others the way you want to be treated), but at the same time deep and complicated with my thoughts, easy going with people that are not picky, open mind, very honest .sometimes more than it should be . I'm passionate about almost any kind of music, for me it's like a kind of just release your soul. Open to changes, you never know what life has for you, and what new lessons are you going to learn, what kind of people are you going to meet and in which way are they going to touch your heart. I am looking for a partner in life. I want a best friend and a lover to share quiet moments,i am a very enthusiastic, outgoing, independent person who enjoys similar things, but who can also introduce me to new things. I am unique in many ways. In short, I am a person who strives to place others needs before my own and people/ relationships are very important to me. I believe that true loves means caring about the needs of others and wanting what's best for them I'm looking for someone who is honest, fun loving, determined, and romantic. Someone who will make me feel like I'm the only one for them. Good communicator, good listener, and someone willing to give 110% to a 50/50 relationship. I want someone who respects me,I believe that my ideal match would be a selfless, caring, serving, loving, and compassionate woman. who would embrace her God given role as head of household and strive daily to establish a home that glorifies God. I want her to feel that her relationship with me is truly a blessing from God and thus he would treat it as such taking time to nature it as time passes. I would also hope that he would feel very comfortable sharing all of his struggles and successes with me. I am not a perfect person but i will like someone who likes me for who I am and isn't trying to make me into what they want. I want someone

Physical Appearance

6' 2"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, sometimes they live at home
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