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Slatefordmike "Hi.."
87 year old man from Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania      Looking for woman for dating Last seen within the last month

About Slatefordmike



Welcome to my profile, one and all! Well, except for those who are not truly seeking out a relationship. To all scammers and spammers, I can pick you out real quick.

Rule 1. A video chat introduction is required, Due to the number of fake profiles on the site. The only app that I trust to keep my personal contact information private is Skype. you can find me there as Slatefordmike.

2. If you only have one picture and no real information on your bio, Not interested. For those that are genuine, I want you to peer into my world slightly, through the pictures I have proved.

3. If your bio says that you live in Manhattan, New York, or you are from Ghana or the Philippines, Right! Those places only produce spammers n scammers. Same goes for those that live more than three hours away. Unless of course, you are truly trying to make a big change in your life. I would love to find someone that will appreciate any help that I am able to provide. Enter code, "don't cast me aside" in your initial attempt to contact me.

4. I also employ four other sites, I am looking for something specific. On all of these sites I have had hundreds of profiles that have shown an interest in mine. 10% of them turned into conversations with someone whom I felt I was not compatible with. 90% were spammers/scammer. Are you part of that 90%? Please, don't waste my time.

5. About 18 years ago, I turn off network television. Recently, I subscribed to the intranet. Now when I watch TV, it is Netflix or YouTube. If you are a couch potato, I am not interested. Life is too short, get up and do something.

6. If you use the word "hate" often, I am not interested.

7. You must have, or had a loving a loving relationship with your parents.

8. If you are a doctor, lawyer or a corporate type, I will probably not be interested. I am looking for someone who is more laid back.

9. To have a passport is a big plus.

10. Must love the outdoors and not afraid to get dirt under your fingernails.

11. You must love to smile and laugh. Making people smile and laugh is my second favorite thing to do. Taking pride in my in my job and how I conduct myself is my third favorite
thing to do.

12. The person I am looking for must like ALL types of music.

13. If you were ever in an abusive relationship, be it physical, mental or sexual, and as a result, that is the type of relationship you seek, I am not interested.

Profession: Transportation engineer

Physical Appearance

5' 11"
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