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MattDB36 "Looking forsomething real - and great - in NYC/Westchester"
37 year old man from Port Chester, New York      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About MattDB36

I'm a caring, decent (I would like to think) man, blessed with a wonderful family and comfortable in my own skin; work hard and try to take life seriously without taking myself too seriously.

I'm ultimately a romantic and a goofball, an athlete and a proud nerd always looking to learn, easygoing mostly but intense when it matters - and ready to crawl through fire for the people I love.

While I don't think I have much profound to say here, my instinct is to put a lot out there, for better or worse. Didn't set out to write a novel 😄

I've always had a pretty strong sense of self (something I feel really blessed for and it's thanks to my parents who are as good as they come). But the past year and a half or so - my first true single stretch since I was a kid - I've learned more about myself and I hope I'll be a better partner, father and lover as a result.

While they're completely in the past, I've been lucky to have dated good women whom I'm largely better for having known. I'm excited and ready to meet a woman who's up for sharing a lifetime.

I love laughing (at myself whenever possible), spending time with my family (esp. my niece, she's perfect), reading (a lot), learning, keeping in shape, sports, pretty much any kind of witty banter or intellectual discussion, having some drinks now and then, a large and eclectic array of music, the beach and the water, museums, spontaneous trips, going out or staying in, a healthy dose of sarcasm (non-scathing variety) and just kicking back and appreciating life.

Career-wise, my background is in corporate law and investment banking but I've been at a boutique consulting firm for over five years and love it. I work hard and the place means much to me, but I have some good flexibility and I'm grateful for the balance.

My - long - ideas about relationships (since I clearly have a perfect track record 😀):I love the idea of true companionship, being each others' rock. Honest, open and compassionate communication. Being able to playfully mess with each other - but having the judgment to know if it's not the time or place or subject for that. Sharing in each others' passions and respecting each others' interests.

Life is a wacky adventure that should be shared and navigated - in both good times and bad - with a partner you both love and like. I didn't always think so but have come to feel that in the end, a wonderful relationship means being best friends in addition to companions and teammates (and lovers and partners in crime).

The physical attraction has to be there but that's just the beginning. Hopefully, life is a very long term endeavor and over a long haul, things won't be perfect. And I think that to be fully in love with someone inherently means making a profound commitment to never taking the relationship or your partner for granted and to always aim to make something amazing even better.

I want to get to a place where two strong personalities can do what they do but in the end, want nothing more than to get home to each other.

I'm "casually intense" I'd say. 99 percent of life, I'm easygoing and open-minded and happily affectionate. I'm passionate about my family, friends, work and core values - and I feel things strongly - but I sincerely work hard to try to stay even keeled and not get in folks' faces, judge in haste, fight for the sake of it, assume I must be right, or let anger linger.

There's that one percent though, that's too important to just roll with if it's not there. Non-negotiable: manners and basic decency and courtesy (toward everybody): honesty: and not shutting down emotionally in the face of a tough situation but instead coming together and figuring out how best to confront whatever's happening. Gotta show up for life and for each other.

Thanks for taking a look and reading this far down 😀 Please say hey if you feel like it.
Profession: Attorney/Corporate Executive

Physical Appearance

5' 9"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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