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Tinabueno143 "It's nice to start with hello right??"
34 year old woman from San Jose, California      Looking for man for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About Tinabueno143

Hi.. my name is Tina I'm Native American and Mexican. and I've lived in San Jose all my life. Currently I live downtown with my 11 year old. Right now life is good. I have this awesome job that allows me to be really involved with my sons schooling and any sports he chooses to play. I'm very much involved with my sisters and their children. I love my family and at any givin day have been known to just pick them up and spoil them with lunch and movies. I'm pretty accomplished as far as school and work go lol no I'm not a dr but I take care of me pretty well lol. I'm California state certified in esthetics witch just means I've studied the skin. I try to stay hip and trendy as far as make up and style go lol but I won't break my wallet to look good lol I do that natuerally haha. Im pretty easy going and I'm awesome with people. I always have a good time and can laugh at pretty much anything. I don't mind jokes have a great sense of humor. I have integrity and I work hard at my job and at life. I'm always looking to become a better person and surround myself with happy well functioning adults lol. I hate that I have to say that but it seems well functioning is hard to find. I'm not into the casual thing at all. I'm a good hard working strong woman and I want to one day find my forever bestie who can handle all of me. Someone I can get to know and know me as well. I'm not into hooking up or crazy secret meetings or hiding shite. It's already hard enough to find decent dating material. Just be honest I won't judge you. That's not my style. Well I can babble on forever on my favorite subject (me) lol jk hopefully we can start a convo right?
Profession: wax associate for European wax center

Physical Appearance

5' 4"
Body type
Native American


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Yes, they live at home
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