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serenityscw "New here, will fill this in later on. Currently about to sell home in Santa Cruz county and am moving down to SLO county."
68 year old woman from San Luis Obispo, California      Looking for man for relationship Last seen within the last month

About serenityscw

I am in transition moving from Santa Cruz County to San Luis Obispo County,most likely Morro Bay or Arroyo Grande. i have no interest in emailing, calling or giving my private info to people not local to where I am going or currently residing, let alone who I don't get to know on this site. It amazes me that at this age, men seem to think relationships grow out of pen pals. Maybe for the younger kids who travel around. Mature relationships take time and work and in person.

I'm looking for a partner who is loving, yet strong and protective, pretty smart but not necessarily an intellectual, but one who "gets it" and a doer who helps others in some way that is dear to his heart. I enjoy dancing and love to listen to jazz, as well as other music. If you can't dance, I am a very good teacher and willing to stick to private places for starters. Have taught a number of guy buddies to dance in front of my bathroom mirror lol:)

Me? Risk taker, highly intuitive and with the "right man" nurturing, gentle and with only such a man quite passionate. I am not into extravagance, but seek peace and joy. I have a passion for life, nature, people and animals which I hope to share with my future partner. I sometimes can be quite chatty, but when in nature or by the ocean or sitting by my creek or alone with wildlife: there will not be a beep out of me! Same for when I am with you and just connecting quietly.

With respect to intimacy, I definitely am seeking that amorphous, long term, monogamous relationship with a mix of chemistry, respect and “getting one another” totally. I want someone with whom I can talk and share laughter, cuddling into the night and trusting one another with our inner most secrets. Those are the things I miss most being single.

My bucket list: I decided to adopt kids at age five. Other things since that early age are manifesting as well. Helping friends in Kenya get their charity rolling to save a very poor village and also plan to write my book. I really am sincere and devoted to finding that "one" man to venture forward.


If you don't like animals, I am probably not the one for you. Given my children and grandchildren are of color, am really NOT into racist attitudes or approaches. TRUMP supporter? Tried it to be "open" and did not work for me.
Profession: Retired Hospital Exec/Consultant

Physical Appearance

5' 9"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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