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Biglarry003 "I am considered an attractive person. People need to learn about the whole package if they can't then too bad for them,and feel I have a lot to give the right woman. I want to find someone who is compassionate, and will accept me the way I am, as I will a"
60 year old man from Xenia, Ohio      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About Biglarry003

I am a widow looking to find Love again! What a blessing that would be! I have many friends for which I am so blessed and feel so thankful for! I am a caring,  loving,Passoionate, friendly man who always has a smile on my face! I am easy to talk to and I am a good listener! I value my friendships and also feel very blessed for what GOD has given me! I am an animal Lover, LOVE the elderly cause they r so wise and cute and adorable to me! I would give anybody that needed it, the shirt off of my back or my last dollar! I try to spread my Love, Joy, and happiness to others! I try and help those in need and those that r less fortunate than I am! I can Light up a room with my smile, so I have been told! I Like giving hugs it is a sign of affection and sometimes for those that need to be hugged, its amazing how much Joy u can give someone with the things that r free in life! Like Compassion, caring, thoughtfulness, and kindness!
All r free does not cost anything to just spread some Love into this world! GOD knows the world needs Love right now! So much violence and hatred and that doesn't have to be! Some people just act out to get attention because maybe they r lonely or sad! If u give others the time of day u can change the way that person feels or thinks! U can make them realize that the world is not that bad if somebody cares about u or shows u affection! I walk in the park everyday trying to loose my winter fat! I see lonely people or so they look sad to me, so I will go sit next to them introduce myself and talk to them! Sometimes a simple Hello can make somebodys day! I am A Christian and also am GOD fearing! Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all when he died on that cross for our sins! So if he can do that to show how much he Loved us, I certainly can give back to others just to let them know someone does care and u r not alone! I try to pay it forward whenever I can! Because u never know when yourself also can be down on your luck! U receive what u put out into the world and u will get it back 10 fold! I believe we r all here for a reason! Was always trying to figure out my reason for being here! What did GOD create inside of me that he wants me to use! He gave me wisdom and strength and Most of all LOVE! I just wanna show the world Love and make others happy! Prove to them that Life is to short to be anything but happy! Mostly I am just a happy go lucky person and everybody Loves me! So if u give Love U will receive it back in return! Not just in a romantic way but in the Human way which is what GOD intended it to be! What the world needs now is Love sweet Love, not just for some but for everyone! So I feel I was choosen to show that Love and affection and caring to others because If I can make 1 person a day happy, it makes me happy! Bascially I Love to show Love and affection to those that need it! I myself know I want to fall in Love again! I also need everything that I am talking about giving! But I need a partner to share it with, cause I want the butterfly feeling back in my stomach again, the kind when u r in Love and u Just Look at that person your stomach goes into nots! That's the way it is supposed to be! Not always about ourselves
Profession: Government

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5' 9"
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White / Caucasian


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Yes, sometimes they live at home
Christian - Other
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