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UnneededHeart "Looking for an honest lady for friendship maybe more"
49 year old man from Santa Fe, Texas      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About UnneededHeart

I am a 37 year old Male with 2 wonderful beautiful children. I am recently divorcing from my wife of 15 years. I am raising my children on my own. I stepped up to the plate to give them at least 1 role model and figure in their life that they can look up to. They are my entire life, heart, and soul. Their Mother walked out on us for reasons known only to her. I am fine with it. I am just grateful I have my children. So its just me and the kiddies lost in this world without that special someone being in our life and asking our selves, was it too much to ask just to be loved? Seems so, my last true love (their mother) left us on a Greyhound bus without as much as a goodbye and hasn't been seen or heard from but just a p down message saying "don't wont to be found." We are sure that one day she will look back and see what a huge mistake she made but regardless we wish her the best and hope that for what ever reasons we was worth given up.

A message to the one who hurt me" I lost my "self esteem" when I fell in love with you, I gave you my heart, I was totally honest, loyal and true. I expressed emotions from my heart that flowed easy and free, What exactly were you thinking, what did you want from me? I couldn't hurt you in any possible way, That isn't who I am, not now, or any other day. I am pionate and true to myself and to you, I am loving in all matters of the heart that I do. You could have had anything that you wanted, Did you just want to break my heart and inside tear me apart. Did you want me to break down and sell you my soul, Or did you just want to be in total control. It’s late tonights as I lay in this empty bed, Thoughts of you keep dancing thru my heart and my head. I picture you here with me, my hands running through your hair, And then I roll over to find emptiness, you aren't there. Many a nights I wondered, where were you when I was burned and broken, My days slipped by, thinking of words and emotions never spoken. The things you said and the things that you do still surround me, I hung onto your words, I believed in you, but now I am free. I feel as though my heart can never trust love ever, I thought that I was smart, but you were more clever. You lied and took from me the only thing that mattered, My emotions, my love, my ego you cleverly flattered. All that I have now are some distant memories of those nights which are now the past, They were wonderful for the moment, that is all I have to remember. We made love into the wee hours of the nights. I never knew that your love was so fake, something didn't seem right. I am sorry I ever went down that road blindly trusting you, I just can't imagine how cold and empty you are in things that you do. I was sincere, true to my soul and my heart, Now this loving heart is ripping itself completely apart. You should have lost your selfish mind, Stand before a mirror and take a hard look inside, if you look hard, you will see your heart isn't right, Turn around and face the light. You are dark inside and that isn't from me. This love I felt for you just wasn't to be. You told me you loved me and with the flick of a switch, You turned your “love” off just like a cold hearted *****. Sorry that I feel this way and say what I do, But there will never be any more me and you. I don't want someone that is out to use and abuse, I love myself and with you, I have everything to lose. Someone, someday and in someway, Will find me and will enjoy my love each and every day. You see, I am true, sincere and full of emotion, With the right person, they will have my total devotion. They will have what you can never have or enjoy, They will actually live life with me, not treat me as some toy. The right person will marvel in how intense my love can be, And then, it will be me and her, forever, and your loss you will finally see. Too late and too sad is all I can say, Just don't ever cross my path in any sort of way. I want nothing to do with you or your fake emotions, Just leave me a lone keep to yourself your stupid notions. You hurt me more then anyone I have ever known, And to think, sincere and true love you were shown. You gave me a sexual nights in the past, I have that memory, but I feel guilty to remember. I let my guard down and you caused me the fall, Now I am so angry that happened I slam my fist to the wall. I am not that way nor will I ever let that happen I hope, I feel like such a fool, like a mindless dope. Making love to me was special and was to be a special bond, I wish I could erase it with some sort of magical wand. I did something with someone how didn't love or even care, I don't think love is something you will ever know how to share.

Thank you for taken the time to read this, I have interest in and ONLY seeking friends, good luck to you all and God bless...

Jay :-)

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5' 9"
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White / Caucasian


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