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ButterMyLOVE4U "Nothing can Hold US back Together"
62 year old man from Knoxville, Tennessee      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last week

About ButterMyLOVE4U

I'm off and on here for a month now but I like the outdoor activities, fishing, jogging, road trips, mountain biking etc someone who likes to do fun stuff. I'm shy at first and easy going, looking for a partner and someone alike, (if not physically but mentally). I'm opinionated, in the most fascinating way--hahahaha--and I enjoy conversation on current events, politics, business... People seem to think I'm smart and attractive, so I must smell, because I haven't found my soul mate yet.. Are you versatile, flexible? I'm the kind of man that demonstrates mindfulness and depth, a sincere empathy and compassion for others. He is transparent, trustworthy, honest, thoughtful, supportive, kind and gentle. He is not perfect, but he is want to be an imperfection to you. You are proud of your man, and that pleases you. I have Being single for 3 years now and i enjoy a quiet time at home alone with a beer, playing scrabble, cards, darts or just sitting around a bon fire talking and laughing good and bad times..I listen to most every kind of music but my kind is country, pop, soul and reggae. Life is to precious to squander on minutia and the mundane..I am searching for a person with substance, not a Barbie Doll. I am comfortable in any type of situation.
I'm multi talented as an artist at heart and am an Architect by profession, so I love to make things (retiring soon). I travel sometimes to execute contract task that are being approved to me IF they can't do a good job themselves.
I'm a ”God fearing” man who loves treat people with equal respect and treat others the way i want to be treated. So am more spiritual rather than religious and love God in true sense.
I Haven't found "her" yet, but I know she is out there.. I want what most people want: loyalty, fidelity, fun and good life!!! L I F E!!!We Cannot be selfish or narcissistic, big turn offs, but looks are not the most important thing. One Must like oneself and be happy with thyself. If life can't be fun, why bother.
I know the difference between sincerity and BS. Never considered myself particularly attractive, but not grotesque either. We are a speck of sand, on a speck of sand in a huge universe. The only thing that really matters is the relationships that you have. Nothing else really matters.
Well am looking for a special woman who's hooked up on pop culture. Someone sincere, kind, trust worthy, a caring, loving and understanding woman who has integrity and wants a monogamous relationship. A best friend, a confidant, a lover. Someone to share what life has in store for both of us. That will listen without judging, someone to tell your secrets to and have the security of knowing they will never be divulged.
While chemistry is important, communication is vital key to a lasting relationship. Along the way is closeness, hugging, holding hands, kissing and joyful tears of laughing will all be welcome and encouraged as we discover the intimacy of being with each other. I want to date someone who has a good head on their shoulders and knows what they want out of life, someone who knows that true love is unconditional love and to knows what that entails, Someone to reassure you with hugs, love and kisses that you are always loved. Someone you miss if only for a short time. Someone you can hold when they are sad for a shoulder to lean on, Someone that you can't see yourself living without. Someone you will love through good and bad time. Someone to laugh at, at myself and together. I only seek what I can give that is my heart to the right person.”Live simply, Dream big, Be grateful and appreciative of the little things in life, Live, Love, Laugh lots! Life is too short for unnecessary drama. Respect those who love you and simply walk away from those who don`t. ” I want to be "Everything to someone as I would welcome the right person to be my Everything".
I want to know your dreams, your aspirations, your goals, your favorite foods, places and people. In the meantime I'm all up for coffee, hangouts, walks, lunch, dinner and drinks accompanied by a stimulating conversation, laughter and fun with a special female friend! I Love beach bonfires, c*ck-tail parties, kitchen or pool parties and couch snuggling lol.
A typical coffee or lunch date is safe, but boring. Lets shake it up a bit, got any ideas? Hot Air Balloon, fishing, roller skating, Zip-lining, sky diving, beach life and go to park and ride those suicide trains that spins you round and round lol. bungee jumping? OK, just kidding but 20 years ago I'd have done it in a heartbeat!
What do you have in mind? Remember, God is building a character in you, and you are passing the test. So, if any of that sounds interesting, let me know. Drop me your contact info. I love a good conversation on many a topic.
Profession: Architect/Antique Collector

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6' 0"
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A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


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