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JonPoz "Hi I am looking for my lover, romancer, and life partner"
66 year old man from Monroe, Michigan      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last day

About JonPoz

Hi...I am a veteran. Lets get this straight first thing: I am 66 years old. If you cannot deal with a older man like me or want one do not even message me at all. This is a ever evolving profile. Now due to all the scamming done to me and the viciousness of that scamming I will only date locally within a reasonable distance. I am single and live alone with my animal. I am divorced. I am romantic, passionate, compassionate, loving, caring, loyal, love cuddling, and lots of intimacy and also having fun together with my woman. I have a membership to Planet Fitness which is a state of the art gym. I am full of life and energy. Do not message me if you are not real and want to scam. I will know it. I also should tell you my plans for finding my lover. First casual dating fun and that can include meeting and spending time with each other and having fun and learning about each other. I believe in cohabitation before marriage and that turns off many. Then next I hope all the romance, learning, and intimacy has sparked chemistry then I would want to be in a devoted loyal relationship leading to long term or even marriage but just like in the old days there is no need to super rush. That is when mistakes are made. Its amazing that when I come online, I attract scammers, and the real woman never hardly ever reply. I have been doing this for a number of years and have met nothing but scammers as for young women or another type of young women that when they realize I am an older man never get beyond that first message they send to me. Most when they do is just a quick hello and that is it. Until I got wise I lost some money also. Now older women come in two types and I wish the one type would message me but they do not but instead I get the ones with hormone issues, out of shape, women with control issues, judgmental and dominating, and the type that intimacy does not appeal to them. The real type of young women and older women are out there. As for younger women a younger woman that truly is attracted to a older man and want to love him and be intimate with him is not common. So I have a deal for any of you local ladies from me either young or old. Be the one I am looking for and make the effort and finally meet for a date sometime and we will celebrate somewhere nice. Are there any real good, kind, loving women out there at all that want a older man for a life relationship?
Profession: I am a middle income retired man

Physical Appearance

5' 11"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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