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mtnjewel67 "Looking for my true love & life partner!"
51 year old woman from Buena Vista, Colorado      Looking for man for marriage Last seen over a month ago

About mtnjewel67

Hey…come check me out over here! I’m a warm-hearted, faithful woman who’s looking for a nice guy. I’m not expecting perfection and I can accept a man for who he is. I have friends, but I would like to find that special man who I connect with, have some things in common with, while sharing mutual love and respect. I mean, life is good already, but it would be even better and even more complete to have a life partner to share it with…to enhance each other’s lives with a thriving relationship! So yes, there are still some of us women around who like nice guys!

So what do you enjoy? Do you like the arts by any chance? Well, I’m an artist, musician, and writer at heart. I love the arts and they feed my soul! My favorite hobby is scrapbooking because I enjoy designing. Right now, I’m going through a career change and working on getting a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, and doing very well with it. I also have lots of fun with the community theatre group here and I’m on the board of directors as the secretary. Along with that, I design the programs for the shows. It’s something fun that I can share with my sons, as my 15yo gets some great acting roles and my 18yo plays in the pit orchestra. I also just love music! I go to many community concerts and honor band concerts around the state that my older son performs in. I especially enjoy the local jazz band here. They’re awesome! I listen to all kinds of music except rap and country. I’ve also played clical piano in the past.

So what about nature? Do you enjoy being in it? I love to go on hikes and an annual camping trip or two when possible. I love to just soak in the beauty of nature. I grew up in Ohio, which is very flat, so I really love the mountains, trees, and streams here in Colorado. I feel a lot of joy walking along the river, especially when it’s hand in hand with that special guy. I also enjoy mountain drives, four-wheeling, and weekend excursions together. I am adventurous….maybe we can explore some new places together! (Just no extreme sports, please. I’m not 25 anymore! lol)

I’m friendly and I like having fun and laughing, yet there’s another side to me as well which is more quiet and introspective. I’m not a shallow person. I tend to think and feel more deeply, and I’m very open-minded. Shall I say, even liberal? I enjoy meaningful, intelligent, philosophical conversations. I do strive to live a peaceful life with minimal drama, and I have found that meditation can help to achieve that. I really don’t like to play those mind games so many singles play, after all we’re adults and I just want to be open, honest, and real.

How do you feel about intimacy? I like it! I think it’s an important part of a healthy relationship; and I don’t mean just physical intimacy, but emotional as well. I want us to be able to share thoughts, feelings, and insights, without judgment; and when there’s an issue, be able to talk about it and work it out. I think open communication is very important! I like closeness and spending time together, and really getting to know each other in many ways. So I would like to be with someone locally, or if there’s the distance, have lots of visitations, and/or relocate. I am also a hopeless romantic. I’m quite affectionate and pionate, once I get to know you (no one-night stands though!). In a loving, committed, long term relationship, I really enjoy exploring many areas of physical intimacy, and I enjoy giving as much as receiving.

I’m entering a new phase of my life now. I have two sons who are intelligent, talented, and bring me lots of joy, and I actually enjoy being around my teens! lol However, they will soon be going off to college. I’ve been divorced over three years now from a 19 year marriage which I ended. Even though I’ve been hurt in my past, and recently heartbroken (because I love so deeply), I still believe that true love is possible and am giving it another try. I am at a place in my life where I’m ready for a committed, monogamous, lasting relationship, even marriage, with the right man, and to have someone to grow old with. Now that my sons are older, I am able to put the needed time and attention into building a relationship with a man. I’m really not into the singles lifestyle, so I’m not looking for casual dating with a lot of different men. I like having the companionship of one good man. I have a lot of love to give, so why not share it? I’m looking for a man who is kind-hearted, faithful, honorable, intelligent, creative, and/or spiritual. I tend to be drawn to geeky men! lol So, you’ve made it this far, why don’t you go ahead and message me? It can’t hurt, and I’d be happy to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!
Profession: Student

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5' 6"
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White / Caucasian


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