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TwistedDarkness "Lesbian 🚫NO MEN PLEASE🚫"
50 year old woman from Louisville, Kentucky      Looking for woman for dating Last seen within the last month

About TwistedDarkness

Interests: Friends1st
I Do Not Look Like This All The Time, I Be In This MF Looking Like Celia From The Color Purple, Yes Of Course When I Go To Work, School, Shopping Ect. I'll Always Look My Best, But Don't Think I Just Walk Around The House All Day Looking Cute, My Home Is My Comfort Zone, I Pull My Wig Off At The Door!!! Sh*t Your Ass Will Wake Up Next To Me Like "Who The F*ck Are You? Where's That Cute Girl? I'll Be Like It's Me Baby You Want Some Coffee? #Lmao... I Snore & I Have Ugly Feet ...

I'm A Bbw, I'm 100% Girly Girl, I Love My Nails, Hair & Dressing Cute Weather It Be Classy Or Causal I Think Highly Of Myself, "NO" I'm Not Conceited I Just Love Myself, I Have A Very Strong Personality, I'm Krazy & Funny With A Twisted Sense Of Humor, Usually When People Look At Me They're Not Ready For The Things That Comes Out My Mouth

I Do Not Have Any Physical Illnesses, I Do Have Back Pain Sometimes Because I'm A Lil Heavy Up Top (ok alot heavy up top) However My Ass Is Mentally Krazy ( aren't most women)? I Have Like Eight Different B*itches Living Inside Me, Don't Say I Didn't Warn You...

I Was Married Almost 8 Years, Divorced October 2017, I'm An Ex Army Wife... Humm I Just Thought How Weird This Was: I Got Married In October, I Divorced In October, The Reason For The The Divorce Was Because Of All The Things I Found Out About In October, I'm Going To Just Skip The Month Of October From Here On Out, I Don't Think That's A Very Good Month For Me...

As Far As Relationships Go:

If I Happen To Find The Right Person I'll Consider A Relationship, If Not I'm Ok With That, I'm Probably The Most Dangerous Type, I'm Happy & Content Either Way, I'm Not Afraid Of Being Alone, I Actully Enjoy My Space, However... I'm A Very Good Woman When In A Relationship "Loyalty" Runs Deep With Me, My Mate Is My Hero, My Best Friend... "BUT" I WILL NOT SUBMIT TO JUST ANYONE & I Don't Care How Good You Are To Me "If You Do Some Disloyal Sh*t I'm Gone On Your Ass"!!! I Will NOT Put Up With Being Mistreated & Disrespected ("You Can Learn The Hard Way If You So Choose")

I Use To Be One Of Those People "I'll Trust You Until You Prove Me Wrong" NOW I'm One Of These People "I Don't Trust Sh*it Until You Prove Yourself"

I Like Old Fashion Studs, Butches & AG's, I Need You To Know Who You Are & Be For Sure About It, If You Walk, Talk, Dress & Smell Like A Man... "Don't Be No B*tch"!!! I Love "TALL" I Want My Baby To Be At Least 5'10 Or Taller, I Love The Way It Feels With My Little 5'1 Self Wrapped In Those Long Arms :)

I Do Not Date (1) Bisexuals (2)Femmes Or (3) Bi Studs ("I AM NOT PREJUDICE AGAINST MY OWN COMMUNITY") You Have The Right To Be Who You Feel You Are, This Is Simply My Preference...

I Am A Really Good Loyal & Trusting Friend, Even After The Friendship I Remain Loyal BUT Don't Try To Hoe Me Just Because You Know I'm Loyal Or I'll Make You Hate Me!!! I Can Be A Mean Little B*tch If F*cked With In The Wrong Way, 0 To 100 Real Quick But I Perfer To Think My Evilness Through

If You Do Not Know How To Converse Pass "Hi" Or "Hello" Keep It Push'in, I Do Not Like Mediocre Conversation, Take The Representative Off, Be Yourself, I Don't Care About Your Issues, I Have Issues Too!!! I'm Flawed AF!!!

MFs Always Try'in To Project Perfection, The Only Thing Perfect In This World Is Imperfection

... I May Come Off As Kind Of Aggressive... I'm Softer Then Doctor's Cotton (Physically) *giggles*

(Im Not A Every Weekend Club Kind Of Girl) I Hit The Clubs Every Now & Then, I Perfer Making My Own Fun Chillin At Home Hosting BBQ's, Spade Games, Entertaining, Making Pretty Drinks, Tasty Horderves, Listening To Music & Catering To My Baby & Friends
I Love Long Drives Watching Beautiful Skylines While Drinking 1800 Or Twenty Grand Vodka & On My Wiz Khalifa Bob Marley Sh*t (Layman's Term: 420 Friendly) No Telling Where We May End Up ... I Also Like Going To Car Shows, Gun Ranges... I Want To Go Mudding, Camping, Fishing (I'm A City Girl With A Country Girl Heart) I Love Country Living Even Though I Was Born & Raised In California, Ft. Knox Was Our First Duty Station, That's How I Ended Up Here, I Fell In Love With The Beautiful Snowy Winters, Summer Nights & Fireflies, There Is Nothing Like A Long Drive Down A Ole Country Road Listening To Some Jason Aldean With Your Favorite Person Beside You

I Love Most Music, Hip Hop, Blues, Country, Ect.

Did You Get All That? *Any Questions*??

*Meet Me So You'll Know It's Real
Profession: Assistant Veterinarian

Physical Appearance

5' 1"
Body type
Black / African descent


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
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