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alderney1 "Mountain Dweller"
65 year old man from Southend On Sea, England      Looking for woman for friendship Last seen within the last week

About alderney1

I've written this at the end of my message, but as so many people appear to be ignoring it I'll put it here.
Please do not ask me to go to your email or other website within the first couple of messages, for safety reasons both yours and mine. I hope you agree with this and understand.
I've taken early retirement from my work in England and have retired to an island in the Mediterranean.
I return to England whenever my accountant wants to see me or the tax man wants a fight! Grrr!
I usually spend a couple of weeks having a holiday in a hotel somewhere near the coast before returning to my hideaway.
Anyway, a little about me follows.
I live half way up a mountain with two dogs, one was a stray and his mother dumped him on me when his little eyes were still closed so he promptly adopted me unseen! Wise dog!
The other dog came out here with me when I came here in 2004.
We get on well together, we have an agreement, I don't bite them and they don't bite me! I take them for 'walkies' and they take me for 'runnies' - I've lost track of the times they've left me leaning against an olive tree gasping. And crying!
As my stray dog grew up he developed a rather bad habit, he chased everyone on a bicycle.
I had to stop him, so I took away his bike!
I live in my own bungalow which is, as said before, half way up a mountain. The mountain isn't anywhere near the size of Everest, so I don't need oxygen bottles and climbing boots to get home.
The bungalow is actually built into the mountain. I have two sides and a front, the back is cut into the mountain-side.
I have two balconies, a verandah, two gardens and a flat roof. So I have lots of choice where to have a light lunch with a glass of sparkly stuff.
I have ten olive trees, six orange trees, a lemon tree, two cherry trees, an apple tree, a plum tree, three almond trees, a fig tree, a pomegranate tree, a blueberry bush and a blackberry bush. Gasp!
The first garden is in front of the house and the second is at rooftop level. I am beautifully secluded but not isolated. My nearest neighbour is a German girl about 400 yards down the mount and the next is another German girl married to a local who is about 400 yards along the top road of my house. The third neighbour is about a quarter of a mile away along the rooftop road.
So I am not overlooked at all.
I return to England a few times a year just for a holiday or when I feel like seeing the accountant and have a screaming match with the tax man!
I usually get the business over and done with in one day and then take off somewhere along the coast and enjoy a hotel close to the beach. Or wherever my fancy takes me really. I also go to other places in Europe, so my life is pretty free and easy.
I'm alone here and I find that with the seclusion I tend to talk to myself. It doesn't bother me, but the neighbours and the villagers half a mile away are bothered. I use a megaphone!
You may as well laugh, my sense of humour doesn't get any better!
I have travelled the world extensively, there are arguably between 147 and 149 countries and I've visited 130 of them or 88%, so if I have the urge in the future there are still places to see and explore. I have drunk long and deep of the wine of the nomad and it is a heady brew that quickly addicts it drinkers.
As you can see from my photos, I have a short goatee beard and equally short hair so I don't look like a rat peeping out of a haystack!
I'm 5ft 6in and would have been taller but when I was a baby my mother dropped me under a lift and I was never the same afterwards!
I'm not all that short though, I don't have turnups on my pants and I don't bang my bum on the kerb when I cross the road!
Enough, enough, enough of my ramblings!
So, I'll close for now and hope to hear from you - I'll even send you some postcards and a jam jar of the golden Mediterranean sunshine just to make you jealous!
Oh yes, one last thing, if we get in contact please don't ask for me to go to your email address or ask for mine within the first of first few messages. It is better that we get to know each other on this perfectly safe site first.
Bye for now,
Profession: Early retired. Yipeeee!

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