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scorpiobarb "Looking for good looking nice guy who has a kinky side where you at?"
43 year old woman from Yerington, Nevada      Looking for man for dating Last seen within the last month

About scorpiobarb

Hi...recently widowed feb 15 2018 and not sure what to do with myself now moved from las vegas to yerington nevada CULTURE SHOCK well thats about all i guess looking for someone who is nice

i moved up here from las vegas due to the fact my boyfriend of 18 years passed away and we

like to ride harleys have leathers sexually starved not into reg vanilla sex BORING
like whips (ok floggers)and chains and the like
you come to my town


no longer in the glitter and lights of sin city,
no longer do i have anyone to love me pity.
i am tired of being alone
tired of texting strangers on the phone
i only want someone to love me for who
i am no i dont want to web cam
not looking for a one night stand
not into wham bam thank you maam
sorry i want something more in life
maybe get married again and be a wife
the sort of man i want and need in my world
is someone who can adjust in a whirl
sometimes my life is fast and hard
other times its slow like lard
i need a man who can take me as i am
all others can scram
a strong man one who can make me feel safe and loved
one that likes to look at the stars above
not a man that always agrees with me
i dont need a woosey you see
the man i want i dont think he has been born
if he has he has long been gone
tall with a nice body
one who still thinks i am a hottie
not a man who wants to change me
at my age not gonna happy baby
a man that likes to party and play
but a man who wants to be with me at the end of the day
not some country bumpkin
nor a fast talking playboy only interested in humpin
dark hair and blue eyes
one who tells the truth and doesnt lie
this man is only in my head
there isnt a man like this ever alive or dead
i wish there was such a man like that out there for me
but i am meant to be alone forever you see
love i had it once i thought but only on my side you see
cause he really never loved me
such as life and i go on unhappy and alone
hell let me text someone wheres my phone
no one in life this late in the game wants to be with me
as i stop writing this what a shame
forever to be alone you see
though my heart longs to be
to be with someone who i want to be with for me
not to be with someone so i will not feel empty
well i am done with this poem
and i am alone forever to be no one thoughts as they go to sleep my heart to be empty and forever rome
Profession: looking

Physical Appearance

5' 7"
Body type
A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
No answer
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