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31 year old woman from Minneapolis, Minnesota      Looking for man for dating Last seen over a month ago

About TameraTwinsTia

I am open minded and outgoing. I love to have fun with a lot of respectful men that are not just slimes that think that I have no respect for myself because I do I really would like to go back to school and go to school to become a C.N.A or someone who can take care of her other significant other. I love to clean and cook and I also can remodel a room if I could. Hint hint lol..I want a nice guy that really wants something serious and that knows that I can be a really nice sweetheart that has humor and I am really looking for that prince charming man that can give me what a man wants to give a girl like me anything that I want with no questions asked. I also like to be romantic and I love to dress up and have a couple to drink. And I do smoke cigarettes but I want to stop soon. I would like to be able to go workout at a gym and go for walks. I was in a relationship but things didn't work out because he said he was a better guy then me and wasn't there with me just someone to have around because I was always getting him things with my money and he was always on his phone and sleeping with married women. Also he was on dating sites and he was saying he played his one game on his be honest I rather have someone who is or wants to be with me. I wanted to also let you know I have been though alot while growing up. I moved to Minneapolis when I was 18yrs.old and I have moved from my home town do to a big crime that made me want not to go back to my life requiredments. It has to do with the thing that happened in 2005. Here in Minnesota. Things haven't been the same since then but now that I went through trama. I only want everyone know that I am a really good women and yes as they can say..the passed is the passed and I want to build my future on going forward instead of going backwards. I have been going through a lot. I been doing good for a year. I just had a baby and I gave him a better life that I couldn't give him and I do hope as years go by that things can be grown to make a better future for me where I am from..And I know that I can make a difference and I truly am a sweetheart and I love to meet new people who don't judge someone because they don't know anything about that person and what they been through. like that saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"!! Just know I have had some different circumstances that I learned that I want to be a better person and I am devoted to make a difference in my life and I want nothing but Love and Peace respect and trust. If you can step up to the plate to provide me a safe secure truthful Love that I haven't yet experience..and trust me I want to be Loved and feel Loved...I want to know if you want to get together I want you to know I will not let no one down and out like all my other experiences have done to me. 5132 and then it was 203 and the area code we live in is 612 and I don't want to go back wards on my message of who where you can get ahold of this princess.xoxo
Profession: Homemaker

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5' 5"
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Never married
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Yes, they live away from home
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