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WilleyG "Seeking a Woman Of Earth and Sky-pls read Profile"
69 year old man from Morrison, Colorado      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last day

About WilleyG

Thanks for stopping by! THREE IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE: 1.) Leave me a nudge or message AFTER reading this Profile IF you're still interested. 2.)If you are close to my daughter's age of 34, things WON'T WORK between us.3) I've been scammed here so I will NOT jump off-site right away. I have neither the time nor patience for scammers of ANY kind!
AS FOR ME: I have figured out that my Life has been more like a constantly evolving sculpture. (As an Artist I can say that;). My focus has been more on 'who I am' rather than 'what I do' and both of these are connected to Nature and Spirituality in some way. I have explored various Spiritual Paths but have always come back to my Ancestral Roots of the Native Americans. So, this has become infused in most all that I do and how I view my day-to-day Life. I enjoy attending the more Traditional type of Pow Wows, doing Ceremonies, Gatherings, Cooking, attending an occasional Rendezvous, doing leather work,etc as well as doing Yoga, Meditation and Journey-work. I live a more simple "down-to-Earth" ("Hippie"-ish?;) lifestyle in the mountains west of Denver. The city is a 'nice place to visit' but I no longer choose to live there. WITH THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE.... I'd love to share the simple pleasures of being in Nature, camping, hiking, having deep conversations, doing road trips, having hot coffee next to a warm fire, laughing a lot, using kerosene lamps, listening to all kinds of music. I'm also 'into' writing, introspection and focusing on self-change for the better.. WHOM I AM SEEKING - I'm looking for a Partner: where there is a'mutual Harmony' - meaning we "fit and compliment each other's personalities and lifestyles" where the relationship is a 'place' of Love, Communication, Safety, Honesty, Heart and Acceptance, to name a few.. She is a deeply Spiritual woman who knows and understands the need to connect with Nature; is possibly of Native American Heritage herself and if so, Honors her own Traditions; values the need to work within herself, being 'Mindful' and open to "waking up from the Matrix". She is also in decent physical shape, has a healthy diet and prefers a simpler Lifestyle that is full of Heart, Affection and Unity. Now.....if you've read this far and feel a resonance with things I have written, please get back to me. If not, then I sincerely wish you success in your own search....As the Navajo People say: "Walk In Beauty"(Harmony and Balance)!
Profession: Custom Jewelry Designer

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