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SharkMinnow "Maybe break out of your comfort zone?"
63 year old man from Wilmington, North Carolina      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last day

About SharkMinnow

Hi, I'm a 63-year-old retired guy who is looking for the last love of my life. (I also have a shorter term goal that I'll tell you about at the end.) I seek a woman who is ready for the last love of her life, and yes, I'm talking LTR and then fairly soon, marriage. And to be honest, I'm looking for a woman in her 30's or 40's, as they are more open-minded and sex-minded than women my own age, I have found. If going out with an older man is definitely not your thing, I understand. If you think it might be interesting to at least explore the possibility, I can tell you that I am what most women say they are looking for, an honest, trustworthy,very loving guy, with a sense of humor as well. I've learned that if you can't learn to laugh at the mistakes you make or the dumb things you do, then you're not going to be a very happy individual. I am looking for a woman who is kind, intelligent, politically liberal-left, honest, has feminist values, has her own life as well as the one she shares with me, and she must like sex as much as I do. And she must want a 50-50 relationship as much as I do, where we are co-captains of the ship, making all decisions that we can together. She must also be very loving and have a sense of fun, so that making her partner smile is one of her constant goals when we're together. And of course, she can expect the same from me. Finally, she must be a great communicator and mature enough to resolve our differences in an adult-like manner, not the 6-year-old style that so many adults seem to continue using. I love the water here in the Wilmington area, and I love to swim, in the ocean, in a pool, in a lake (without alligators, thank you), whatever. I also enjoy some quiet activities. I love to read good fiction and I love my monthly book club, among whom I am the only male! I love good movies, although I can be kind of picky. Yeah I like foreign and indie films mainly, although occasionally a good one fights its way through the shackles of Hollywood. I love music; it is a pretty big part of my life, and I could be listening to my favorite classical music one day and Led Zeppelin the next, and one of the few bands of this century that I like the next day. I also love just about any Asian or vegetarian cuisine. (I don't like sushi, or maybe I just need a better introduction to it.) Want to know more about me? Just write and ask. I am, as I said, always honest and I am very open, so you can ask me about the size of my you-know-what (M2 wouldn't let me use the male p-word, even though pictures of the female p-word are just fine! Crazy, I tell ya.), how I feel about the current president, the history of my relationships, or anything else you can think of! If I sound like a possible match, then please write me! Thanks. I told you I would tell you about the short-term goal at the end. To be as brief as possible, the sad fact is that I have not had sex since March of 2008. No, it really is true. I have sworn the streak will not reach 11 years, which gives me exactly four months from now (which is 11/4/18) to have sex. If you have any inclination to help me out with this one, please write! (I also guarantee that YOU will have a most enjoyable encounter as well.) If so, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Profession: retired

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6' 0"
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White / Caucasian


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