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jjjosip "Woman with heart beat!"
68 year old man from Moss Landing, California      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last day

About jjjosip

DON'T GET KISS OR LIKE'S-----9-5-18 "Please read all the way to the end, maybe twice". Saying this humbly, really not here to be defensive or egotistical in any way or to waste each other's time, just being honest! A sense of humor is very important, not taking life so seriously with greeting everyone with a smile. Truly a nice guy, really just a big kid, sensitive, wears his heart on his sleeve. "I am, what I am" like Popeye. I am tall 6'3", broad shoulders, look a bit like a "King Neptune figure". I am a Veteran an ex-boxer-martial arts-VFW Honor Guard-Home Land Security Officer-Federal Inspector so you'll be safe. I love being outside so I am usually tanned except for my Butt. Have a good head of hair "mine". My eyes are hazel and change blue to green they say. Have all of my "own" white teeth, have them cleaned three times a year regularly, little OCD about teeth. Being a true people person I live in the “now” with spiritually. I simply leave out negativity or judging and forgive instantly, no one is perfect. No negativity is a priority for me. I am honest, honorable, trustworthy, reliable, humble, thoughtful and very giving. I will help anyone in need; always open any door for you. The smile on my face and the kid in me guarantees you will never be bored. However I have my quiet times as well, meditation Likes; Tropical warm blue clear waters, Qi-Gong, swimming, bowling, golf, Pool, dancing, bike riding, old movies, cooking, BBQ, curies ships, music, cruising in one of my roadsters or motorcycle or boat. I come from a small close Croatian family with be taught honer, respect, dignity no predigest. My Master Grandfathers are in the history books of Central California. I grew up in the small beach town of Capitola on Monterey Bay California. 50 Yards from the ocean-I am a real California "beach boy" My life and home is very peaceful and harmonies life stile. Am semi-retired Government Engineering Contract Analyst. I work on inventions, derivatives with writing two books. Enjoy being Master in most trades fixing, building, engineering, inventing and shamanism. I am great with my hands-on massages. My current income means that I am "financially secure." I have a little shop so I can fix anything. I keep a nice yard and pick up after myself, house cleaner an gardener help out. Toys: Golf clubs, Bicycle, Classic Motorcycle, Cadillac Roadster, Mercedes Roadster, Ram Truck, Boat an own my home “everything paid off” . I even love to cook and don't mind doing the cooking. Being so tall, dishes is a pain. I take vitamins and minerals and stay away from processed foods except for deep fried artichoke hearts an calamari, vacations all foods are up for grabs. Respectfully "PLEASE" pass me by! "IF" You're an "Atheist" you don't like holding hands or showing affection in public. Don't have a positive outlook or love for life. If you're not into flirting or being sexy at times. Aren't romantic because of past relationships or marriages being reserved from past. Or still having intimate relations with old flings “STD” You think other people's faiths are wrong. You don't believe in anything greater than yourself. If you are into mind games, controlling, dictatorship or making fault to be in control. Or if you complain about life to others in the world being judgmental or egotistical and self-centered. Or can't relax or have PTSD or OCD everything has to be perfect or can't relax. Or taking medications for "anxiety" or being a Doctor or Lawyer with being Egotistical. See the best things in life are not things at all. The most fun an beautiful things to do don't cost a dime. All I can offer really is a roof over your head. Never going hungry and having a full belly am good cook. Plenty of smiles hugs holding hands and loving. Being blessed with dyslexia like most famous people. If you find or judge my grammar or spelling is not suitable. Really please pass me by! "PLEASE PASS ME BY". On the other hand if our personalities are somewhat alike. We live with similar styles. Knowing we're not going to be joined at the hip and that we will have our differences. Because at this time of our lives. Over fifty you might be able to count on your fingers and toes. How many summers we might have left! So a few emails, few phone calls. Then we can meet, I will know when we meet by you smile and hug. If I like to take it any further? Then I would really love to hear from you. If not I truly hope you find someone you have things in common with. Best wishes to you for happiness peace and health. Sincerely, Jay Jay
Profession: Inventor-Diritives

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6' 3"
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Never married
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