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Shipdude "Sailing into your arms... or is it went aground on your front lawn?"
67 year old man from Chicago, Illinois      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About Shipdude

Getting close to retirement and starting to think about why the heck i never married. Was it a blessing or curse? Lets see a liitle about me. I am 57 never anchored, about 180 pounds, blue eyes, salt and pepper hair. Enjoy cooking, reading, movies, dancing, life in general. I am a Senior Salvage Master/Master Diver. What does that mean? Well I supervise the recovery of ships (not boats but ships) that have been in accidents worldwide. The pix's here are of me diving and some of the jobs I have been on. (Want to see a pix of me without the gear? Ask me for it). Yes I have lived five lives, learned much, even speak a few languages besides english ( I laugh though because I don't speak spanish I am not considered bi-lingual) Most importantly the love that I am married to is international humanitarian relief operations. Yep got under my skin. Yes I like to travel maybe even with a new found love.

Anyway I am looking for someone simple...complex I got and the job makes complex look like a cartoon. Simple meaning someone who might be my opposite, Someone who does not surround themselves with CNN-MSNBC-FOX , politics all day, all night and even in bed. Someone who appreciates a fine dinner at home as well as going out (yeah I cook, besides having twin engineering degrees I have an ociates in the culinary arts), and a quiet night with a gl of wine some music and just the two of us. Someone who is independent and secure with themselves. I can be away at sea for long periods of time. Please I am not a psychiatrist, most problems we can solve together, psychiatric cases please call 911. Someone who really understand what unconditional love means, because that is what they will get in return. Someone silly not always serious... Lawyers, Astrophysicists, Brain Surgeons and MARRIED women need not apply.

Warning: I am 50% extroverted and 50% Analytic... Meaning I can yze and move faster than you can say your last name and I can make a New York heart attack look like a jog around the block... Every Rose has it thorns....
Profession: Senior Master Salvor

Physical Appearance

6' 0"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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