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David Green "Perfectly Imperfect: "Hello and Shalom" !! ***LETS BE SPONTANEOUS!!"
68 year old man from Boca Raton Area, Florida      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last day

About David Green

Hello and Shalom; Thanks for stopping by to read what I wrote here for you to --- READ....

Contemplative & Playful seeking his sweetheart...

>>>>> Now in the process of MOVING (On Dec 1st , 2018) to relocate from Sarasota to a house that I have rented in Boca Raton.

If you -- like me -- love hugs & kisses & snuggling & spooning, and are also affectionate, and sweet, lets share our hearts' desires, with soul connections, laughter and joy. I'm a good, kind, sensual, fun & funny, wholesome Man of substance and good values, with sensibility & sensitivity, integrity, and just a perfectly imperfect kinda-guy. Are you my humble match? Upfront I'd say that I am a hopeFUL -- NOT hopeLESS -- Romantic, seriously looking for my soul partner and ready for a monogamous relationship with warm-hearted thoughtfulness, dry wit, resolved differences, and shared pleasures. I'm searching for my LAST and LASTING ONE for a genuine relationship. My treasure ('TESORO') is a like-minded and devoted woman who is passionate, honest, kind, gentle, devoted, ready, able and willing to communicate and share love. I am somewhat sophisticated yet down-to-earth, and quietly 'in charge'.

I am looking for a long term relationship -- that is mutually respectful -- possibly leading to Marriage. Like a precious stone, you probably have many facets; with many sides; as I am sure you realize that I do as well. The rest of the news is mostly good. So lets enjoy the Paradise that we live in, and take advantage of it. I definitely love to laugh, and the enjoyment of sensual kissing can be most satisfying.... How about you??

Please be patient. If you are like me, you'd try to be an optimist, while also being a practical realist. Together we'll embrace life's adventures including the up's and down's. You know, what doesn't kill you can make you stronger.... In a nutshell, I'm considered to be an intelligent, exciting, and thoughtful man who is regarded as wholesome and worldly -- with many interests. I am amorous, truthful, trustworthy, faithful, loyal, cultural, decent, open minded, and fun loving. I never go to bed angry.... Ready to spoil one another??

Ohhhhhh, not all men are looking for sex, and not all men (or women) are the same. It's all about the essential chemistry, and GOODWILL -- you know. I happen to be a self-aware man (like some women) who appreciates deliciously warm, and passionately-sincere interactions. Like me, are you sensitive and sensible, ready to share the up's and the down's of life with your ONE best friend and soulmate. I am searching for a meaningful committed friendship ---- as our Last and Lasting relationship...... Ohhhh, repeating myself.....

You see, I know that my sweetheart is out there so here I am searching. Not a serial dater, this affectionate and carefree, man -- who knows what it takes for a relationship to work -- appreciates what makes it or breaks it in life. So lets talk.... Being openly communicative is vital.

*** No bull here! I am a sober, serious & sincere kind-of-guy with many sweet qualities along with a few (really not many!) loveable quirks too. Age is merely a number, and I am open minded. I cherish and appreciate passionate playfulness. I am a one woman Man, and stay away from goofballs, and opportunists... In my 20 or so years of marriage, I was faithful, and I neither fooled around, nor abused my partner's feelings.
---- Also, please, no tattoos, and no cigarette smoke.

As long as you are genuine with me, and the right chemistry with goodwill are there, we can figure out most everything else. How about a mutual, caring, loving partnership with kind, sensitive, sincere, understanding, a good sense of humor, along with loving hugs, cuddling & more Kissing???

Hmmmmm.... let's see now.... I am considered to be pleasing, have all my teeth, a headful of hair, aging gracefully, no signs of mental health issues, or any other major deficiencies, yet I've remained single since my divorce. I did have several 4-5+ year long relationships so my search for my ONE sweetheart continues.... My marriage of 20+ years is also well in the past. I am an exciting, kind, dynamic, sweet, thoughtful, and educated person. I tend to see and cut through nonsense and crap with little hesitation. The woman for me is a REAL 'good girl' to love & adore.

With that said, I have no interest in anyone under 35, or any players, or anyone not in the general area. Did I mention that I am sensitive, and love sharing delicious kissing??? I believe that finding (and keeping) our respective soul mate is a worthy goal that is quite achievable.

Focusing more on the topic, I am a lover, and a cuddler, and a luscious kisser, and want us to enjoy our time together -- Maybe forever!! Indeed, love, in the modern world, is well and alive, yet must be cared for and nurtured. As a sociable, kind, and a cheerful person, I have been regarded as a "Daddy" type of guy -- open to be with his 'good girl'. Repeating myself, right??

If you're down-to-earth (like I am!), with a passionate zest for life, enjoy sensual kissing, are openly communicative, and have "SWEETHEART" disposition, then we'll have a great chance to connect; toward a satisfying, and multi-dimensional, relationship. You see, I am happy with my life, but appreciate that life is meant for TWO to share, and I truly miss having a loving partner. After all, it is mostly a couples world out there.

Basically, I am a level-headed, warm-hearted, responsible, and an accomplished retiree, long divorced, well educated (multiple Masters degrees+), considered to have many charming qualities. I am a world traveler(and ready for more!!), Jewish (secular), with many many interests. By now, I am probably repeating myself....

Lets not be uptight. I'm here for you!! OK, lets communicate, learn, share, and ENJOY!! Do you love to laugh?? It's so good for the soul!! I am a mostly quiet, thoughtful, easy-going, empathetic and reflective type. I love (some) animals, and good (and live) music, as well as selective TV and movies. It would be so nice to share my life with someone (special -- like you?), and for you to share yours....

My career: I was in computer and communication technologies along with business development. In the past I held positions as a business executive (Vice President & Director). Later, following my executive positions, I was an entrepreneur and experienced some challenges, success, and lots of exciting times. Way back I served four glorious (even glamorous) years in the U.S. Air Force as a communications technician/specialist, and can tell you more later. I used a weapon for about 4 hours out of 4 years..... Of course, my veteran status is all also in the past.
Ready to get off this site?? I am!! but you get the main idea.

xoxoxoxoxo OK, I admit that I am a good (REPORTEDLY just wonderful?!) kisser)

Profession: Computer technologies and Business Development/Mar

Physical Appearance

5' 11"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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