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sexysacsenior "Cute Headline Here"
71 year old man from Rancho Cordova, California      Looking for woman for intimate encounter Last seen within the last day

About sexysacsenior

In general, this is who I am

Don't/won't do facebook or twitter, probably won't do texting. Beginning to hate my phone. I'm as casual as it can get. Don't even have any dress up clothes. I don't do well in large venues, prefer small groups of people. I'm owned by two cats I rescued as kittens. I'm working on my landscaping and learning to cook healthier. I tend to like my own space but can't live without a woman.

In general, this is who you should be

You are my muse. You protect me from myself. You nurture me when I'm ill and even more so when I'm healthy. You can make killer chocolate chip cookies but will hide them and ration them. You are somewhat frugal. You love or at least tolerate cats. You know how to grow strawberries. You may or may not like science-fiction but encourage me to read because reading is good for you. You laugh at my jokes and run interference for me when I (accidentally) insult someone. You fix the tears in my clothes while teaching me how to use the sewing machine. You get me out of the house. You make me take more showers than I'm used to. You go to the doctors with me and ask them questions that I don't think to ask. You hold my hand when no one is watching and hug me when they are. You act jealous when a woman flirts with me (how often is that going to happen) even though you aren't. When you say you are going to bed, you aren't always sleepy. You like it when I touch you inappropriately.
Profession: retired

Physical Appearance

6' 0"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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