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nomadicatl "This is so cliche'"
37 year old man from Roswell, Georgia      Looking for woman for dating Last seen within the last two weeks

About nomadicatl

In a courteous attempt to avoid bad cliches and overly used one-liners, I will graze the iceberg by sharing what is most true and important to me. I am a pionate guy about many things.

I'm currently pursuing my MBA in Atlanta and have had a wide array of work experiences thus far.
I come from a very transient background of shifting through international living, working and education. I consider myself to be one of a wide scope in perspective to the world around me, specifically the beauty and opportunities that are out there. I have a strong pion for travel, people, new cultures, ideas and adventure. I love to write and heavily engage in photography wherever I feel the potential.

I am an opportunist and idealist, yet I can be realistic to the bone. I try my best to stay balanced in life, seeking it in both societal form and individual growth.

Currently I am getting through my last few semesters of Uni while looking for opportunity in a global presence, feeling a draw toward the nonprofit/ humanitarian development. It's just in my nature to want to help others through creating network pipelines of resources to emerging markets. I seem to have always been delegated the logistics and social hub, then I evolved.

Most of all I am a free spirit! I have been independent most of my life and have experienced so many adventures alone! YES it was amazing... but we all know eventually you start to desire sharing that with someone as well.

I am mostly upbeat, down for anything, and a night owl up for the immediate impulse.
I basically just think 'where's my pport?' and I'm ready to go!

An educated, mature (but silly fun) woman who is open-minded, independent and in control of her life and sure of herself. Someone who takes care of herself, physically fit but not afraid to miss her vitamins or a workout to an occasional fun night out!
Profession: Media Communications

Physical Appearance

6' 1"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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Christian - Other
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