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gemstarz "Just wanna laugh"
52 year old woman from Medina, Ohio      Looking for man for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About gemstarz

This is the part where I try to tell you about who i am ...ugh..I hate talking about myself, goes: I am a mom with a pre-teen child at home who is my first priority. I just want to make that clear. ok, done.

I like movies: at home or the theater, shooting pool, throwing dart and playing poker (keep in mind- i never said I was GOOD at these things, just that i like them!), hanging out with friends, a great bbq, beverage and bonfire! I like football (pro, not college!) I have recently discovered the art museum, the zoo and the metroparks....and am open to new ideas and experiences! I am most comfy in jeans and a t-shirt, but enjoy dressing nicely for the right occasion. if there is anything else you would like to know, please just ask!

I like all kinds of people, and have very eclectic tastes in men, music and food...basically i really only ask one thing...say what you mean and mean what you say. I really would like to meet someone who has great communication skills... please, if you can't express yourself, please just move on. I don't expect every conversation to rock my world, but to me, emotional chemistry is just as important as physical chemistry.

More basics: I spend some of my time volunteering for different committees, and teach nutrition education to elementary age students. I also like all of the typical 'stuff'.... a great rainy day would include jammies, pizza and a movie marathon..... a great sunny day would be a walk in the park, or a trip to the zoo and a picnic lunch...... the best day would be one spent with the right person :)

I love a guy that smells good. Some women look at your wallet, some look at your car. I check your cologne! ....i know, i know....weird, hey...noone said i was normal!

I really dont like to get picky, but here are a few dislikes: if your profile picture looks like you were hugging your last girlfriend or ex wife, but you cut her out of the picture (but only partially) please, get a new picture! it's not that difficult. I know you Harley guys are very nice people, and i know you are really proud of your bike, but i am not a biker girl, and dont really want to see pictures of you sitting on your bike, riding your bike or standing next to your bike. I want to see pictures of YOU! I've been there done that, got the jacket, just dont wanna wear it...

If you are looking for a supermodel....please move on, but if you are looking for a woman who will dress for YOU, and understands that you have flaws just like I do, that's me. If you want a woman who will sleep with you on the first date, please move on, but if you are looking for a woman that is very affectionate, that's me, If you are looking for a dumb blonde, please move on, but if you are looking for a woman that CAN take care of herself, CAN support herself, CAN hold an intellegent conversation on many topics, that's me. If you are looking for a woman with no baggage, please move on (oh, and at our age, that doesn't exist, no matter what she says) but if you are looking for a woman who keeps her baggage in a closet and doesn't expect you to carry it, that's me.

Well...those are the basics....thanks so much for stopping by. If you are still reading, obviously something caught your eye. (Better than caught IN your eye, though, right?)

I am hoping to hear back from a normal guy. You don't have to be a hopeless romantic, or the most handsome guy ever, or the fittest, or the best at anything. I really am a low maintainance woman. I dont need fancy cars, jewelry or clothes. I am self-supporting and am not looking for a man with a million.... I want a guy that is nice, sincere, confident and special to me....and you just have to be you. a regular guy, with a nice smile and a good heart... complete with faults and all.

Hope to hear from you soon
Profession: nutrition educator

Physical Appearance

5' 3"
Body type
A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live at home
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