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GaelanB "Advice to the Lovelorn 2-18"
58 year old man from Memphis, Tennessee      Looking for woman for activity partner Last seen within the last four days

About GaelanB

Interests: Stuff
I understand Pabst works rather well around Trailer parks, Colt 45 Malt liquor works well around Orange Mound, and a nice wine cooler seems to work best in the shallow waters of Germantown and Collierville as bait.
Depends on what type fellow you are fishing for. . . Adjust your choice based on what the fellows at the bar seem to be enjoying that afternoon.

The later it gets, and the more the men have fed, may mean they are slowing and tend to work the shallow angles in approaching the women who are fishing. Personally I prefer a woman who has some depth of character, but most of my brethren tend to be shallow dwelling types.

Proper fishing gear is usually a somewhat shorter length skirt than perhaps what you are used to wearing for you PTA meeting, to allow you ease of movement when in hot pursuit. Pulling your crank bait at a faster than normal speed across the dance floor, sometimes draws the attention of even the most contented and lazy of the men you seek to catch. If you seek to catch one of trophy size, you have to tempt them from their hiding places at the Sports Bar.

I also understand that many women swear that a bit more cleavage with a properly fitted busom-halter of sufficient support for the area you will be casting your bait is always a good choice.

I hope this information has been useful. ..

I was so angry when I found my ex-wife s profile on this site. First POF said we were a Match????
Then I read she claimed to be fun to be around . What a liar!!!

Just not Starbucks, okay?
Profession: Bikini Car Wash & Ice Cream shop.

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6' 0"
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White / Caucasian


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