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devilheart54 "Renaissance Man"
64 year old man from Newquay, England      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About devilheart54

I have been back in my beloved Cornwall for seven years after living in Atlanta,Georgia from 2000-2003.I work as a writer,but I'm in the throes of starting a small business and I also volunteer for local charities.In the past I've been a teacher,librarian,despatch-rider,house renovator,clic vehicle restorer,and the world's worst insurance salesmam - I'm too honest.I'm artistic (but not airy-fairy with it) ,am a good cook,can sew and construct things in leather, I garden and decorate and can mend just about anything from blown engines to broken hearts. I've been a counsellor for Marriage Guidance,Samaritans and Rape Crisis and am open,approachable and communicative of my feelings and emotions and very interested in hearing about yours.I'm fully in touch with my feminine side,so it would be good if you are too.....My last few relationships were with hard-hearted harpies, so I need somebody who actually likes men rather than just fancies them,lusts-after them or who thinks that she should have one for company (get a pet ) or because all of her friends are in parternships.I'm a stylish dresser,but am happy enough to slob around in lounge attire when at home,that's when I'm not stuffed into a boiler-suit or clad in black leather.I'm funny/humourous/entertaining with a wealth of stories and tales to tell ,so you'll probably laugh more than you have for a while.Still,they do say that if you can make a girl laugh....

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5' 10"
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White / Caucasian


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