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Yana309 "Looking for man"
33 year old woman from Troy, Michigan      Looking for man for dating Last seen over a month ago

About Yana309

I'm easy! No, I'm just kidding about that whole "easy thing". Just wanted to see if that would work.These little profile text boxes are really lame but I'll give it a go.I think very organized people would be very bad in bed. But I haven't done any test studies.I love s; the bigger the better!I will never be the prettiest girl in the room or the one that guys are initially drawn to, but I'll settle for being "interesting" looking and fun to talk to.(Not interesting as in like three eyes and a no nose or something...)I find guys with mathematical ability weirdly attractive. Tell me you are working on a theorem and I'll be putty in your hands. It doesn't even have to be true! I'll never know.I make smoothies like its my job. I could be the CEO of Smoothies.A clean bed, freshly shaved legs, and a good book is one of the most perfect way to spend a Saturday night.I love neck rubs, soft kisses, and high fives.I can do the splits.I am enthusiastic about life and I could care less that enthusiastic is not a word.I sing opera.I've danced for 19 years of my life: ballet, modern, jazz, tap, salsa and I absolutely love everything about it.I sleep .I get really attached to people, ideas, and emotions.I don't know what kind of relationship I have with God, he never returns my phone calls.So there you have it...a totally trivial account of a person I may or may not be.Smile!
Profession: Public relation/performer/actres

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
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