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notyourtypicalgirl "Looking for someone to accept me as i am"
28 year old woman from Redwood City, California      Looking for man for dating Last seen over a month ago

About notyourtypicalgirl

I am me! what can i say, i am not your average girl. I care about my looks, but am in no way a supermodel. I love things that others might find boring, or just "not their thing." I can be considered a geek, but a cool geek! lol, yes, i wear gles and i love to read, can be considered and old soul, or intelligent for my age, but i'm not a 4.0 straight A student, or a straight B(if you were wondering)! I rock to the rhythm of my own drum. I am considered a loyal, trustworthy ,bubbly, outgoing person, i love to laugh, and be myself. Though i have in no way ever mastered the art of dating, or have ever dated. I believe that it is time to widen my horizons, or at least have someone say i have potential, (other than school, and in life-----> im thinking more in the words of dating! *smile*) yea, books will be around forever, but what is it like to have that special someone with you, that even if by mere chance, understand your comments. I have always wanted to have someone that just loved me for who i am, yea i have my bond of people who love me unconditionably, but i have never had that guy in my life. I have always been the third wheel in a sense, and it feels akward.
I just hope to find at least a friend, just someone that can move on to being more than just a friend in my life. Could that be you? Maybe..
Profession: Student

Physical Appearance

< 5'
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Latino / Hispanic


Marital Status
Never married
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Christian - Other
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